Lance Leggett Update

Shortly after learning the news of Lance Leggett's change in commitment, the University of Florida coaches told Lance they would continue recruiting him. Then on Sunday night, the coaches called the Leggett residence to set up an in-home visit.

"Coach Zook and Fedora wanted to come out here to meet with Lance," said his father. "I asked Lance and he said he didn't want to meet with them. Lance has a hard time telling people no so he made me tell them. I thanked them for recruiting Lance and told them I'm sure they'll be back in Bartow recruiting more kids in the future."

That didn't sit well with the Florida coaches so they fired back.

"Fedora was telling me how their receivers caught over 150 balls and Miami's barely got 100," he said. "He said they had a freshman quarterback while Miami had a junior and blah blah. I told them Miami is where Lance has always wanted to go and his decision is final. There will be no more in-home visits except with the coaches from Miami."

Leggett, 6-4 and now 182 pounds, is scheduled to receive an in-home visit from UM receivers coach Curtis Johnson tonight.

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