Dan Werner Q&A

Dan Werner, 44, has been promoted as the Miami Hurricanes offensive coordinator after serving the last three years as quarterbacks coach. The last three seasons, Hurricane quarterbacks have thrown for more than 9,100 yards and 72 touchdowns with only 34 interceptions.

As an offensive coordinator Werner is looking to attack the defense on a frequent basis.

What are your thoughts on being named offensive coordinator?

As a college football coach you strive to get to the best school first of all, once you get there you hope that one day you will be able to run the show. To be at the University of Miami as the offensive coordinator, it doesn't get too much better than that. I am still on cloud nine right now.

Coach Coker talked about how there will be some changes in the offense, what do you think will change?

The thing to me is to the average eye or untrained eye is that there wont be a lot of changes. We will run a lot of the same formations, but obviously the play calling will be different because two different people are calling it. My philosophy is that I want to get the ball in the hands of guys that can score touchdowns on one play. Obviously you have to drive the ball to be consistent, but it is becoming harder and harder with the defenses the way they are. We have to find ways to get our playmakers the ball whether it be to throw it deep or throw screens, run draws or reverses, anything we can do to get our playmakers the ball, I think that will be our focus.

How will your role as quarterback coach change or help being the offensive coordinator?

As a coordinator you still have to convey all the checks and everything to the quarterback so instead of it being from Rob to me to the quarterback, now it will just be me to the quarterback. We are actually taking out the middleman and I think that will be a help.

What are your thoughts on the receiving corps who were young and relatively inexperienced last year?

To me those guys are the guys that really need to step up. If you look at last year it was a learning experience for them with Kevin Beard being the only senior in the group. The rest of them were either freshmen or sophomores. Those guys are going to have to step up this year and which guys can take it score, those are the guys we are going to play.

What are some things that you want to work on in the spring?

One thing that we will do as a staff is right after recruiting is over we will go through our cut-ups from what we did this past year and decide what was good and what was bad. Then we will look at our personnel and decide from the things that we are doing, how can we get these guys the football. Once we've done that and feel good about that, we wont add much. I have a feeling that we are going to add a few things so we can get those guys the football. Those are some things that we will work on in the spring.

Having already been a coordinator before, what are some things that you want to do as a coordinator?

The thing that I want to do is to attack the defense. I want them to be afraid every single snap. We sort of settled into ‘we are going to run it here' and ‘throw a short pass here'. I want them thinking whether its 3rd-and-1 or 1st-and-10 or whatever that there is chance that they are going to throw it over the top. If they have that in the back of their mind all the time, I think that will open up the rest of the plays.

Do you think the current personnel is something that opposing defenses will be afraid of?

I hope so.

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