Erick San Pedro Q&A

Erick San Pedro is a junior catcher from Monsignor Edward Pace High School. Last season San Pedro played in 53 games with a .317 batting average and 42 runs batted in. This year San Pedro and his teammates have high expectations after finishing 45-17-1 last year with a trip to the College World Series. The season opener is February 13 at Mark Light Field against the Florida Gators.

How was your summer and what did you do?

It went real well. I was up in Virginia playing in the Valley League with Gaby Sanchez and Alex Blanco. I made the All-Star team and all-Valley League team with Gaby.

What was your experience like playing in the Valley League?

It was real fun playing for the Staunton Braves. A small-town, population around 17,000 or 18,000. Pretty much the whole town waited for us every summer until the Valley League started. We would always get about 1,000 to 2,000 fans for our games. From what I've heard from other players is that these summer leagues aren't very fun and the fans don't come out.

How did the fall practices go?

It went real well, we have pretty much the same team coming back. We have Dan Touchet coming back from injury and I feel he will do real well for us. We have a couple new freshmen that will help out a lot as well.

How are the starting pitchers coming along?

Good, we have a bunch of guys going out for the starting jobs. In my opinion, it's up to Camardese, Cesar, J.D., Dan Touchet and Vince. Those are the five that will probably pitch for us.

How are the freshmen pitchers doing?

They are doing great. They were a little rusty to begin with, but I saw them really come on at the end of fall practices. They just have to prove themselves when they go out there.

What are some things that you worked on in the off-season to become a better player?

Quickness. Running wise and have quicker feet behind the plate. I have been trying to hit the ball with more power. In the summer I hit four homeruns in 100 at-bats compared to the four I hit during the season in 200 at-bats. I'm trying to get the ball in the air more, but we'll see what happens. You can't go out there and try to hit them, they just come off.

What is the key this year for the team to stay on track considering high expectations?

Don't become complacent. Just keep working hard and take it like this is a new year. We have a lot of guys back, but that was last year.

How ready are you for the season to start?

I can't wait. I almost want to have all these weeks of practice over with so we can open up.

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