RB Talks About UM Visit

Miami (Fla.) Killian running back Bobby Washington took his official visit to the University of Miami over the weekend and came away impressed. "It was tight," Washington said.

"It was straight, real straight. I loved it. That's my home man, UM. That's where I'm gonna be."

The talented running back said he was hanging out with several local kids during the visit.

"It was me, Willie (Williams), JR (Bryant), Dane (Guthrie), and Antonio Dixon," he said. "We was all just chillin, takin it easy. Willie's not saying too much right now but it's either out of Florida State or Miami. JR is the same way. Dane was talking about going to Florida there for a minute but he changed back to UM. Dixon is definitely going. He'll sign with UM. He committed or whatever."

When asked how strong his commitment is to UM, Washington began talking about his situation.

"I'm gonna try to take somebody's job next year," he said. "Moss better be ready. I dont know when Frank comes back but he better be ready for a challenge. I saw a list of the nation's top 25 players in the paper and they disrespected me. I'm not listed. I'd like to see if those running backs on that list could run for 1,500 yards for two years in a row in Dade County playing the competition we play. They wouldnt, I know they can't. I aint worried about it. I'll be in the League someday."

The talented running back also had some good news for Miami coaches and fans recently.

"I finished up with night classes," he said. "Everything's straight, everything. I got all my core classes now. I just need to bring my ACT score up a couple points. I just took it and I'm gonna take it again until I pass it. I'm confident that I'll be there in August. I'll be there all summer working out, too, making sure I can have a chance to compete next year."

Washington is obviously pretty excited about becoming a Hurricane.

"UM is the spot man," he said. "That's where the best running backs go. I'll be next. We're gonna win some championships and everything."

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