Hill Back From UM Visit

Although his name won't sound as familiar as some others to UM recruiting fans, Valdosta (Ga.) standout tight end Cedric Hill has been on the UM recruiting map for about two months. "They started calling me a little past the halfway point in my season," Hill said.

"At first they was just talkin. Then they started telling me about the school and possibly taking a visit down there. So finally I went this past weekend."

Hill said he enjoyed hanging out with a lot of the current players and other recruits.

"Kevin Everett was my host," he said. "He's probably gonna be the guy that replaces Winslow. He was real cool. I had fun. There were two other tight ends taking their visit too -- Dane Guthrie, who is already committed, and then some kid from Louisiana (Lance Louis). He ain't committed yet but he said he liked it a lot. They're trying to get at least two."

Hill then had a chance to meet with the UM coaches this morning before he left for the airport.

"They was just telling me about how Kellen Winslow started his career at 205 pounds," he said. "He bulked up and then became a great player. I was 6-2 1/2 and 206 pounds so I just gotta keep working hard and hitting the weights."

The talented tight end, who averages nine points and nine boards in basketball and has also competed in track for three years now, has not yet received a scholarship offer.

"The Miami coaches were talking about it but they haven't offered yet," he said. "I guess they wanna see my test scores come up or whatever. It's between them and Pittsburgh. I'm probably gonna visit Albany State next weekend too."

Hill hopes UM comes through with a scholarship offer because he enjoyed his stay in UM.

"If they offer, thats where I'm going," he said. "I love it there. They always have good tight ends and they always play for championships. We won this year so I'm used to that. I definitely could see myself fitting in down there."

Now Hill will wait to see what happens over the next 10 days.

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