Shaun Valdes-Fauli Q&A

Shaun Valdes-Fauli is a junior relief pitcher from Miami Columbus High School and is excited for the season to start. Valdes-Fauli had a great off-season spending time in the Cape Cod League and pitched well in fall practices. Last year Valdes-Fauli had a 5-0 record with a 3.02 ERA and was remarkable in the post-season.

Valdes-Fauli and his Hurricane teammates begin their season February 13 at home against the Florida Gators.

How did your summer go?

I had a really great summer actually. I went to Kansas and I did extremely well there. I pitched two complete games when I started and then I ended up getting a call from the Cape. So I went to the Cape and a great time there.

What was the experience in the Cape like?

Its one of the best, if not the best summer league you can play in. I think the competition was great. When I went from Kansas to the Cape, I could see a big difference. Everybody out there is real competitive. A lot of them come from the best schools in the country and from teams in the College World Series. It was a great experience.

Were you able to get to know some guys from other schools from around the country?

I met some guys from Florida, LSU, Wichita State and Rice. I played with all of those guys. Its just weird playing against them, then you are on the same team with them. It was fun though.

Looking back at last year, can you talk about how your role increased after George Huguet was injured?

It was just my job that they told me to go out and do. I had never closed before, but I had to go do it. I did well, but I have to try and get that job back this year. During the fall, this spring, intrasquad games, I just have to get that job back.

How did the fall practices go for you personally?

I did really well. I had one of the lowest ERA's. I keep the ball down and got a lot of ground balls.

What are some things that you wanted to improve in the off-season?

I need to work on my speed a little bit. I don't throw too hard and I don't throw too slow, but I can't throw it by people. I need to hit my spots and throw my splitfinger for strikes.

What do you expect from the pitching staff this year?

I expect a lot. I think we have a really great pitching staff. We have everybody back from last year and plus we have some new guys that can do some things. We also have Dan Touchet coming back from injury so that should be great too.

How does the comfort of having Erick San Pedro behind the plate help the pitching staff?

He is real enthusiastic. He likes to pump us up a lot. He talks to us a lot. There has been a big difference with him from his freshman year to last year. He is real comfortable for us knowing that we have a great defensive catcher behind the plate.

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