Richard Giannotti Q&A

Richard Giannotti is a junior outfielder from Plantation and attended St. Thomas Aquinas High School. Last season the 6-3 200-pound switch-hitting outfielder hit .327 in 31 games and finished second on the team in slugging percent (.570). With centerfielder Danny Figueroa out due to an injury, Giannotti could spend some time in centerfield. It is a role that he is willing to fill.

How did fall practices go for the team?

It went pretty good. It was good getting back in the situation with everybody coming in. The new guys coming in with the old guys. We have most everyone back this year. It was just good to get everyone back healthy.

Speaking of healthy, how are you feeling?

I am feeling good. I had shoulder surgery on my non-throwing arm in the off-season, but I play and everything feels great.

With fellow outfielder Danny Figueroa out due to injury, how does your role change?

With him out everyone has to step up to try to fill in where he left off. He is hard player to replace and he brings a lot of excitement in the outfield. Whoever is in centerfield will have to try and get to the balls that he would get to and steal the bases that he would steal if he was in there. Hopefully we will get him back at the end of the season.

What outfield position do you feel most comfortable playing?

I like all three. I feel comfortable at all of them.

What is the most important part of the preseason practices?

I think the most important part is that most of us have been here two or three years, some four or five, but the most important part is that everyone stays healthy and keep the off-field distractions from the field.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming season?

If we are going to do it, this is the year we are going to do it. We got everyone back and everyone has experience so it's going to be real exciting.

Although you are a position player, what are your thoughts on the pitching staff?

That's one of the most exciting things about fall ball is that we get to go up against some of the top pitchers in the nation. The best way to get you better is to practice against the best. Sometimes we go out and practice and we are facing guys better than we will probably play against. They are good, they are for real.

Away from baseball, what are some things you like to do for fun?

I love going golfing. We have this annual golf tournament coming up and I'm really looking forward to that. I like hanging out, but I'm trying to stay away from the beach.

Who's the best golfer on the team?

I'm not quite sure. I haven't seen some of the new guys golf, but from what I hear Marcelo Albir is pretty good.

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