Gaby Sanchez Q&A

Gaby Sanchez is a sophomore third baseman from Brito Miami Private School. Last year Sanchez had a stellar freshman season hitting .328 with seven home runs, 56 RBI and a team-high 21 doubles. Sanchez earned preseason third-team All-American honors from Baseball America.

How did your summer go and what did you do?

My summer went good and I went to the Valley League to play for the Staunton Braves in Virginia. It was good, I played with Erick San Pedro so we were able to play together all summer. We had a good time. Our team won our division, but lost in the playoffs. When I came back from Virginia, San Pedro and I kept working out together.

How was the competition in the Valley League?

The competition is real good. They have some good players there. It is not as good as the Cape Cod League, but it gives you some insight on what will happen next season. They have good players though, they have guys that throw 90 and guys that can play. It was good to continue to play baseball.

Were there some guys from different colleges that you got to know pretty well?

Yeah I did. I played with guys from all over the country. The only guys from UM that I played with was Alex Blanco and San Pedro. There were a lot of guys that I met from all over. Everyone plays the same kind of ball that we play, hard out.

How did fall practices go?

They went good. There are a lot of players that showed that they can play. The new guys have done a good job too. They all have been hitting, catching and throwing well.

Can you describe your foot injury that you dealt with in the off-season?

I had a stress fracture in my foot and I was out for a couple months. I am back now and running at 100 percent. It happened last year during our season, but I kept on playing through it. It was just the stress of too much running or playing. It was a runner's strain and it was just something that I had to take care of.

What are some things in the off-season that you wanted to improve on?

Just defensively and offensively. Pretty much all facets of the game. I really worked on my defense and hopefully I will have a better season.

You had a good year last year as a freshman, how do you stay away from a "sophomore slump"?

I just have to remember that you may go through slumps and you may not. Just try and keep the high level up and do whatever I can do to help the team.

This year's team has high expectation with everyone coming back, what is the key for the team to achieve its goal?

We just need to have good defense and pitching. Our pitching is doing great right now.

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