John Jay Q&A

Jon Jay is a freshman outfielder from Christopher Columbus High School, which features four current Hurricanes. Jay did well during fall practices and is fighting for a spot in the outfield left vacant by the injury to Danny Figueroa. Coach Jim Morris has been impressed with the freshman and has a strong chance to be in starting lineup when the Hurricanes open up February 13 against Florida.

How have things been going since you have arrived at Miami?

It has been a fun experience. I have learned a lot. The older guys have been real nice in helping me learn the traditions of Miami baseball. It has been a good experience so far.

Have there been some things that have been different that you expected them to be?

People have told me before what goes on so it has been pretty much how I expected. It is a lot of hard work.

Have you been impressed with the talent on the team?

Yeah I have, everyone is real good as opposed to high school where there are only a couple of good players. Here, there are a lot of good players. The pitching is different. You see good pitchers day in and day out.

How have you progressed as a player from fall practices until now?

I thought I did pretty good in fall practices and I just want to continue that in the spring and get better. I just need to stay focused and try and get better every day.

What are your thoughts on the opening spot up for grabs in the outfield due to the injury to Danny Figueroa?

I just want to do whatever I can to help the team get to Omaha and win a national championship. I will help out any way I can, base running, hitting, and in the outfield.

What would that mean to you, going to Omaha in your first year?

It would be awesome. It would be a great experience. That is our goal every year and to do that in my first year here would be a great time.

What are some things you need to work on as a player?

I need to get faster and work on my arm strength. Just learning how to play all of the outfielding positions.

What position in the outfield do you feel most comfortable with?

I played centerfield in high school. I feel comfortable in right field and I am working on playing left field also.

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