Cesar Carrillo Q&A

Cesar Carrillo is a redshirt freshman pitcher from Hammon, Indiana, which is located right outside of Chicago. Coach Jim Morris has said Carrillo has the best stuff on the pitching staff and his teammates think he is the most intimidating pitcher on the team. At 6-2 and just 165 pounds, Carrillo consistently throws in the 90s and is excited for the 2004 season.

You are from Chicago, have you always been a fan of Miami?

Yeah pretty much. I would have rather went to Florida State, but they didn't recruit me. Miami recruited me and gave me the opportunity to come out here and play. Growing up in Chicago, I always wanted to play in a warm weather area.

Do you have a favorite pitcher you try to emulate or follow?

Pedro Martinez. He is built like me and throws hard. He isn't afraid of anyone and it shows in the way he pitches. I try to learn new things by watching him pitch.

What was it like redshirting last year?

It was rough seeing everyone excited to come out and practice. I just wanted to come out and help my team but I couldn't get in the games.

What did you do in the summer?

I went and played in the Jayhawk League for the Topeka Capitals. It was a bit weird. It's a different type of town, but I had to adjust to it. It was good competition.

How did fall practices go?

It went very good. Hopefully I will be able to work my way into the starting rotation.

Has coach talked to you about being a starting pitcher?

It hasn't been talked about, but hopefully I can work my way in. If not, reliever is fine.

How are spring practices going for the team?

Real good, my arm is feeling real good. Hopefully we can do a lot of things this year.

What pitches do you throw?

Fastball, curve, changeup and ‘b.p.' which is like a straight-change. It looks like a fastball, but it's not as fast.

What pitch do you feel most comfortable with?

All of them. I am just working on a changeup now and putting more focus on it this year to make it better. So far it's coming along.

Since you have good velocity on your fastball, did you primarily just stick to your fastball in high school?

In high school I pretty much I just tried to blow everyone away with a fastball. Sometimes it gets in my mind and I start getting the ball up. It is a problem sometimes.

How have you adjusted from throwing more types of pitches at Miami?

I have adjusted well since I have been here. I keep the ball low and I hit my spots. I throw my off-speed a lot more for strikes.

What is it like having Erick San Pedro behind the plate?

He makes it real comfortable. I know I can throw anything at any time, any count. If anyone is on base, he will block it and nobody will score. I have a lot of confidence in him.

How ready are you for the season to start and what do you expect from yourself this year?

I am real ready for this season. I want to show everyone what I can do. Hopefully I can do a lot of good things. A lot of wins or a lot of saves. Whatever I have the opportunity to do. I want to do whatever I can to help get this team to Omaha.

Do you have personal goals for yourself?

Yeah I do, I want to play well and I want to be an All-American this year.

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