Brian Monroe Q&A

Brian Monroe (Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.) just completed his freshman season as the team's punter. He averaged 35.7 yards per punt last season and is working hard in the off-season to become a more consistent punter.

Monroe talked about the season he had, his off-season schedule, and some teammates he thinks could have a breakout season in 2004.

Looking back to the season, what are your thoughts on how the team did?

I think we did all right. I think we did good if we were any other team, but at Miami we have higher standards and we didn't live up to the hype that we should have.

What was it like coming in as a freshman experiencing the expectations that comes with being a Hurricane?

It was kind of crazy in the beginning coming in playing as a true freshman with all of the tradition here and how great Miami has been in the past with football.

What are your thoughts on the season that you had?

I feel I had pretty much the worst season of my life. There is not much to say other than my performance on the field. I pretty much was bummed for a couple weeks because I wouldn't hear from people. It wasn't the season that I had in mind coming in. I wanted to have a lot better season. I wanted the coaches and players to have confidence in me so I have to turn that around in the spring and next season.

What do you feel was your biggest problem last year and what was different about last year compared to other years?

My drop and they wanted me to change a little bit when I came in and wanted me to speed up my process. In high school I had a little bit more time.

What are some things you are working on in the off-season to improve yourself?

I am working a lot on my drop and my get-off time. Mentally, I just have to get this past season out of my mind, learn from it, but don't dwell on it because I think that will just mess me up. I just have to focus on the future and not the past, to do whatever I have to do to help this team out.

What does your weekly workout schedule look like right now?

We normally workout four times a week. We have an off day on Wednesday, but I kick on Wednesdays. And then on Saturdays and Sundays I am normally working with a coach to work on my drop.

Where are you at right now in the weight room?

We just tested out on squat and I got 325. That's the only one we've tested out so far. I probably squatted about 295 in high school.

What is your height/weight at right now and where do you see it at in the fall?

I am at 6-2, 200 pounds. I started the season at 190. I want to gain some more weight to get up around 215, 220. I probably wont get there by next fall though. If I can stay over 200 for the season, I'll be happy with that.

How excited are you for the spring to start?

I can't wait for the spring to start to see what kind of team we are going to have for next year. I feel it is going to be another great team.

Who are some young guys that you think will really step up next season?

I think Devin Hester might put on some performances next year if he gets more playing time at wide receiver. There are some young linebackers that I think will do great. And I think Greg Threat will step it up also.

How much do you know about the incoming recruits?

I know we got a lot of good players and some of them might be able to get some playing time as true freshmen. I just hope they are preparing themselves so they can come in ready to play.

Besides working out, what are some other things that you are doing now?

I am trying to catch up on my studies. My classes are getting harder, but that is expected at the University of Miami, which is one of the best colleges in the country.

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