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Greg Olsen (Wayne, NJ) just completed his first year at Miami after transferring from Notre Dame last fall. Olsen was a highly touted tight end from Wayne Hills High School and Hurricane head coach Larry Coker was happy to get a phone call from his father asking if the scholarship was still available in late August.

Olsen talked about Notre Dame, his shoulder injury, and new tight ends coach Mario Cristobal.

How was last season for you personally?

I got off to a shaky start. I transferred here from Notre Dame so that was a little rough, but I got settled in pretty quickly practicing. Then I hurt my shoulder after a month from being here and couldn't practice the rest of the season. My first year, football-wise, went pretty rough, but I am back now totally recovered and ready to go.

What was the injury to the shoulder?

I tore a muscle in the back of my shoulder in practice one day in September then had surgery on October 1st.

How long were you at Notre Dame before you transferred?

I was at Notre Dame all summer and all through two-a-days. I left there the week that we opened up in Miami. I came here the Friday after we played Louisiana Tech.

What are your thoughts on your time at Notre Dame?

It just really wasn't the place I wanted to be at. It wasn't real comfortable for me. Things just didn't work out at Notre Dame so I decided to do something else. Miami was the place I've already dreamed at playing since the beginning.

How much fun are you having at Miami?

Oh I love it here. Everything about it I really love and I am having a good time.

How fortunate was it for you that the coaching staff at Miami had a spot for you?

I was real lucky that the coaches here still offered me a scholarship coming from Notre Dame. I am real thankful that they were willing to do that. I was just real lucky to get the opportunity to do that.

Your brother also transferred from Notre Dame, how is he doing?

He is at Virginia and he is basically doing the same thing we are doing here, just working out. I talk to him nearly every day and he says he is doing well. Hopefully he will be the guy for them and we get to play against them.

What have you learned about the tradition of Miami after being a part of it for a year?

You just know that everyone here can play. The talent level here is unbelievable. My first couple days of practice seemed like everything was going so fast. It just makes you better and makes you want to go out there and compete against all of the talented guys that we have here. The guys here took me in and really made me feel comfortable when I got here. It is just a great program, we have great coaches and the players are great.

Who are some guys on the team that you are closest with?

I got to be real good friends with John Rochford and Derrick Morse. John is from New Jersey also and we happen to play them. Those two guys and Tavares Gooden is my roommate. I've known Tavares for a little while; I got to play in a game with him last year. Brandon Sebald, Kellen Winslow and those guys at my position I became close with also. All of those guys really took me in and made me feel comfortable.

How were you doing in practices before you got hurt?

I think I was doing pretty well. I was just starting to learn how things work around here and unfortunately I got hurt. It was just a freakish injury and was weird how it happened, but that's how it goes.

What is your weekly workout routine like in the off-season?

We workout four days, mornings a week and the rest of them we will do seven-on-sevens on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We don't do too much, but enough to help us improve. I am just take advantage of the time I have and learn the offense.

What are some of things in the off-season that you want to work on besides getting stronger?

I am going to try to work on my route running and my blocking. Then just try to learn the offense and learn every little bit about it so when it comes time in the game it will come natural.

What are your thoughts on the new tight ends coach, Mario Cristobal?

He is a real great guy. I've known him for a while now. I met him when I went to a camp down here before my sophomore year in high school. When he went to Rutgers, he was up near me and was always around my school. I've known him pretty well for a few years now. I was pretty excited when I found out that he was going to take over.

What are your thoughts on the other tight ends?

We have a real talented group of tight ends here. Kevin Everett is back and Brandon Sebald has been here for a couple years now, he is real talented and Buck Ortega too. It is good that we have a lot of guys coming back and I think it will be one of our stronger positions.

How excited are you for spring practices to begin?

I just can't wait to finally get out there and be able to play again. I am fully healthy now and recovered. I have had practically the whole season off from football and I just can't wait to finally get back out there again and see what I can do.

Who are some young guys that you think might step up this year?

We have a lot of talented young guys and some that played last year as true freshmen. Bryan Pata, I think he is going to be real good. We just have a lot of young guys that I think are ready to contribute that either redshirted or on the scout team last year. I just think everyone is real eager to step up their role. I think we are going to have a lot of guys step up and play well this year.

Are you planning on keeping your #45 jersey?

No, they gave me #82 for next year.

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