UM Pro Day Review

Several Miami Hurricanes participated in the UM Pro Day in front of several NFL scouts, coaches, and agents today. Many players had good days and the hard work is done for most of them. Their workouts are complete and now they just have to wait until the draft on April 24. Some NFL coaches in attendance Joe Gibbs, Dennis Green, Jim Haslett, Dave Campo, Ted Cottrell and Marvin Lewis.

Offensive Lineman Vernon Carey

(likely 1st round pick)
-- measured in at 6-4 332
--did 30 bench reps

"I believe I can be a first round pick. Right now it is about life and responsibility for the family. When we first started the day I was a little nervous like for a game, but once we got going I was fine. A day like this can separate you from other players or it can hurt you if you don't perform well. A lot of people thought I was just a big guy, but I have to show them that I am an athlete and I think I did that today. This is for a job and we'll see what happens."

"I'd be happy to play for the Miami Dolphins (at number 20) if I am still there. I'd like to spend my whole life in Miami if I could. There is going to be six Hurricane first rounders, hopefully."

Linebacker Jonathan Vilma

(likely 1st round pick)
--measured in at 6-0 233
--did 23 bench reps
--ran a 4.58 40-yard dash

"This was a good day for me. It was fun being out there. At the combine in Indianapolis I think I did pretty good with the interviews and talking with people. I had to stay focused during the long days at the combine and remember to enjoy myself. I think I can help out a lot with a lot of teams. I feel like I really understand the game."

"When I came to Miami at 195 pounds, I just wanted to play. I had no idea that I would leave with the possibility of being a first round pick."

"I have been competing with D.J. Williams the whole time I have been here. It is fun though. We have been competiting and looked at a lot because we both are good players. Today when we worked out together it was just like another day at practice."

Safety Sean Taylor

(likely top 10 pick)

"I am not at 100% right now. I hurt my hamstring about two weeks ago. It doesn't matter to me where I go as long as I am on one of 32 teams. I am excited and anxious to show what I can do, but I can only do whatever my leg allows me to do right now. It is unfortunate that I can't do all that I am capable of."

Tight End Kellen Winslow

(likely top 10 pick)
--ran a 4.5 40

"Obviously I look at the drafts and pay attention to where people say I am going to go, but things can change. Teams can move around and we'll just have to wait and see how it plays out. I want to go as high as possible, I'd like to go number one," he said with a smile.

"Teams that have talked to me the most are Jacksonville, Washington, Detroit, and Cleveland."

Linebacker D.J. Williams

(likely 1st round pick)
--measured in at 6-1 242 (eight pounds lighter than the Indianapolis combine)
--did not have the 40 times that he had hoped for
--has done 23 bench reps in the past, but didn't do that today

"If you can play you can play. You cant worry about these numbers. Just because you have good numbers doesn't mean you can play football. Just because you are a bodybuilder or track star doesn't mean you can play football."

"You never know where you might end up in the draft. It depends what the team needs. Guys can switch it up. I am pretty open-minded about everything because you never know where you can end up."

"Not only did I compete against Jonathan Vilma here today, but everyone. Kellen Winslow, Sean Taylor, Jarrell Weaver, everyone. Everyone is being compared to each other."

"I felt like I was a good player in high school and learned a lot of good things. I always knew that I was good and that being drafted was a possibility for me."

Defensive Lineman Vince Wilfork

(likely 1st round pick)
--measured in at 6-1 323
--ran a 5.0 40 which turned some heads

"I was kinda neverous how I would do with the weather a little colder than usual, but when I got going I was fine. I think I did real well today. I did my lifting and I met my promise to NFL guys about maintaining weight. A lot of people were worried about my weight and conditioning, but I worked out every day and got rid of the ‘good stuff' like McDonalds and Burger King. I think I showed today that my weight and conditioning are not an issue. The hard part is over now and I am just going to stay in shape and wait until the phone rings in April."

"I am getting married on Wednesday in Las Vegas to my girfriend of three years now. She's stuck by me ever since I've met here and I'm really looking forward to it. We are ready to take the next step in our lives together and I am excited."

Running Back Jarrett Payton

(likely mid-round draft pick)
--measured in at 6-0 215 (five pounds lighter than the Indianapolis combine)
--ran a 4.48, 4.53 40

"I think today went real good. I had a lot of fun out there, I always try to. I try to hype guys up like I do in practice. I've missed them and missed you guys (the media). I've been in Chicago working out in Don Beebe's speed camp. Some people were wondering why I was away from coach Swasey and the rest of the guys, but for me I needed to be at home, away from things like South Beach. It was like the simple life out there. It was good to be around family and workout without any distractions. Hopefully things go well at the draft, but if there is one thing I learned at Miami, its patience. I have to just let things play out the way they do regardless if it is how I want them to. Hopefully I get picked on the first day so I don't have to go home and try to sleep on it. It should be fun."

Safety Maurice Sikes

(possible late draft pick)
--measured in at 5-10 200 pounds (13 pounds lighter than two weeks ago)
--in the 40-yard dash, ran a 4.53, 4.55, 4.58

"Everybody came out and did good today. We gave 100%. I did real good on the ball drills, just ate it up. I was happy with my 40 time and I'll probably be at about 200-205 pounds. Some people thought I would run a 4.8, but I obviously did better than that. Overall it was a good day for me, I'm pretty happy."

Linebacker/Safety Jarrell Weaver

(possible late draft pick)
--ran a 4.31 40, fastest time of the Hurricanes
--weighed in at 210 pounds

"I think today went real well for me. I have ran a 4.27, 4.28 40 before, but I was satisfied how it went. I will play wherever teams would like to have me. Special teams are a given for me. That's where I made my mark here at UM and I plan to continue that. If teams want to interview me or go in for an individual workout, I am all for that and if I gain more weight, it can only help me."

Wide Receiver Kevin Beard

(possible late draft pick)
--measured in at 6-0 175 pounds (five pounds lighter than the Indianapolis combine)
--ran a 4.4 40 according to UM coaches, a 4.5 according to the NFL scouts

"I think I did pretty good today, hopefully they will take the lower of the 40 times today or at least average them out. My knee is feeling just fine and I feel comfortable with it. A lot of teams want guys with good character and I think I've showed that I do have that and people are always telling me I always have a smile on my face. I had to make sure the NFL people knew that that is how I am and its not just an act. I feel I can make plays when I get the ball and I can make something happen."

Wide Receiver/Running Back Jason Geathers

(possible late draft pick)
--measured in at 6-2 210
--ran a 4.45 40 yard dash
--ran a 6.8 L drill which is really good for him
--14 bench reps

"Today went pretty well for me. I was happy with my 40 time and we'll see what happens. If teams want me to come in for individual workouts, I'll do that. I'm not sure where teams would want me to play, but I'll play wherever they need me to."

Other notes

--Linebacker Carl Walker had a 41" vertical on his first jump.

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