Derrick Morse Q&A

Offensive lineman Derrick Morse received a medical redshirt this past season after suffering a torn meniscus and having bone chips in his knee. The freshman from Estero High School was doing well in practices and earned valuable playing time early in the season prior to his injury. Morse is ready for spring practices to begin as he looks to regain his form and compete for playing time at guard.

How did last season go for you personally?

It was a good experience for me because I was able to really get to know the offense a lot. Just getting to be a part of the team and got to travel with the team. Being a redshirt, not many people get to travel so it was fun.

Can you describe your knee injury?

It was during one of our bye weeks when we were having some pretty hard practices and one play I just got hit from behind and my knee hurt real bad, but I kept playing on it for about two weeks. It got to point where I couldn't really bend my knee anymore so they decided to give me an MRI and that is when they found out that I tore my meniscus and had bone chips in my knee.

How did you feel you were coming along as a player before your injury?

I think I was doing pretty good learning the offense. I had been here for summer camp, two-a-days, and then during the season game plans change so I had to pick up on that a bit. I think I was coming along pretty good.

How much did the upperclassmen in the offensive line help you throughout the year?

When I first got here I think they had to help me every play with either a better way to block or a certain technique to use. But now when we go out as an offensive lineman on the weekends or during the afternoons I understand things a lot better especially because I had to watch the rest of the season after my injury. I felt I was able to learn a lot of things to the point where I don't really need their help anymore or at least as much help as I used to. I pretty much got it down now.

How is the progress with your injury?

It really doesn't bother me anymore. I am just trying to make it stronger to prevent any future injuries.

What is your weekly routine like right now?

We work at seven in the morning four days a week, then we go to class. I just started doing rehab on my knee so every day at 1:00 I have to go do my rehab and after that I watch film and go outside to do some extra stuff to get me back in football positions so it doesn't feel too weird since I haven't done it for awhile. Just doing some touching up to get ready for spring.

How excited are you for spring practices?

I am looking forward to it. I have been out of football pretty much since Thanksgiving. I haven't been able to do anything since then so I am pretty excited to get back into it.

What are your thoughts on the starting left guard position that is open?

I am going to try and get it. Everybody is going for it so I just have to do my best and see what happens.

What position did you play in high school?

In high school I played left tackle.

Is it a big difference for you playing on the inside now as opposed to being on the outside in high school?

Actually I like playing guard a lot more. I think it is a lot more fun and it is more physical. But wherever they need me on the field, I'll play there.

You are considered an aggressive hard-working player, can you talk about your style of play?

I am just real intense. You got to be at this position. The defense is coming at you trying to maul you, but you have to try to maul him. If you don't have that attitude then you are going to get run over.

How are the young defensive linemen coming along?

They are doing real good. They are out there working extra hard. They have a tight battle over there too with a lot of guys coming back. They are working hard and with Wilfork leaving, that opens up some playing time.

What is your height/weight at right now and where do you want to play at next fall?

Right now I am 6-5 325 and I want to play at about 315 next year.

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