Quadtrine Hill Q&A

Quadtrine Hill is a junior running back from Sunrise and has been the starting fullback the last two seasons. Hill not only excels on the field, but off the field in the classroom. He is working hard this semester to earn a 4.0 GPA with a double major in business management and marketing.

How are your individual workouts going?

Spring workouts are going good. I had surgery on my foot in January and I am recovering from that pretty good. For a while I was stuck to just riding the bike because I wasn't allowed to run. But now they have given me the go to practice with the team. I feel like I am having a good spring workout. I feel like I am getting stronger.

How long were you kept out of workouts?

For approximately five weeks I couldn't do any running. The only rehab that I could do was on the bike.

How is the offense looking during seven-on-sevens?

We are doing real well. Our quarterbacks are making good throws and our receivers are making a lot more plays than they did last year. Everyone knows all of the plays and our offense is doing real well.

Who are some guys that have been stepping up as leaders during seven-on-sevens?

Roscoe has been a big leader with the receivers. I talk a lot with the running backs because we don't really have a leader. Brock talks with the quarterbacks. Chris and Joel are definitely the leaders on the offensive line and they are getting everyone going.

Where are you at in the weight room right now?

It's going good for me. My squat is going up and my bench is going up. My squat isn't where I want it to be right now. I want to be over 450. I sort of hurt my back getting it off the rack so I couldn't get a good shot at it. But my squat is still pretty good. I am getting my bench up there. I keep hurting my shoulder so my bench keeps going up and down. I want to get it more steady, but I am happy with it.

What is your height/weight at right now and where do you want to be in the fall?

I am 6-2, 222 pounds. I want to be over 225 in the fall.

Is that the highest weight you have been?

Actually last fall I got up to 228 once we started practicing. Coming into fall practices I was around 222, 223, 224.

Are you switching from fullback to tailback for the spring?

Yeah I am switching over to tailback for spring practices. I am going to get the opportunity to do what they brought me in here to do. I am really looking forward to it.

Do you know if this is a temporary move or does it depend on how you do?

It is supposed to be an option for the coaches to see what I can do with the opportunity. They are just giving me an opportunity and I have to make the best out of it. I have all of the talent and I know the offense so I feel I should be great at it.

Will it be a hard adjustment for you?

No not at all. I have played it my whole life and I have played it every spring since I have been here. I have done a pretty good job with it every year. Its not like I have to learn anything. I know what I am doing and I just have to trust the linemen.

What are your thoughts on the offensive linemen?

We will some new guys in there and I am kind of anxious to see how they do. The ones we have returning: Joel Rodriguez, Chris Myers, and Eric Winston all did pretty well last year and they all are good linemen. I know they will do what they can to get better and they will be great this year.

How much do you know about the new recruits at running back?

I hosted Charlie Jones and Bobby Washington on their visits. They both seem to be pretty nice guys. I don't know much about them football-wise. I have only seen Charlie play one time and he seemed pretty good. But I haven't watched any film on any of them so I'm looking forward to seeing them in the fall.

What do you expect from the offense in 2004?

I expect it to be perfect. We are working hard everyday and everything seems to be going well. We are executing all of our plays and we are all giving 100%. We are going fast, making good throws, everyone is catching the ball. Our offense should be incredible next year.

Which young offensive player is poised for a breakout season in 2004?

Akieem Jolla has been picking it up a lot. He was redshirted last year because he wasn't catching onto the offense. We had a lot of stuff that we are trying to simplify a lot of stuff so it doesn't confuse people.

Which young defensive player is poised for a breakout season in 2004?

On the defensive side of the ball I am looking for big things from Greg Threat. He is doing really good in workouts and practices that we do. He just has a passion to win and he is not going to let anything stand in his way.

How much do you think the offense will change with Dan Werner as the offensive coordinator?

He is going to take some of the offense out. Last year we had a lot of offense in and not all of the guys knew all of the stuff so we weren't running every play perfectly. I think this year everyone will know what they are doing.

What are some things you are doing in the off-season besides working out?

I am working hard in school. I am trying to get a 4.0 this semester. I am double majoring in business management and marketing. I have an A in all of my classes except for one, which I have a B in. I go fishing a lot also. That is the only thing I have been doing a lot of.

When are you scheduled to graduate?

I can actually graduate this summer if I wanted to or this December. I will probably graduate this December because I would have to do a lot of stuff in the summer.

What are some things the team has to do in the summer after spring practices are over?

We just have to keep working at it. Nobody can slack off. We have summer workouts and we get in incredible shape, which helps us get through the season. It gets us stronger and faster and everyone has to be dedicated to doing the right things to get better.

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