Recruiting Review -- Defensive Ends

Throughout the last two decades, no college football program has had better success with producing quality defensive linemen like the University of Miami. While the Canes are currently loaded with good young defensive ends, they made it a priority to bring in some more this past recruiting season.

The Hurricanes inked four new defensive ends on signing day and all of them should have the coaches very excited.

Calais Campbell (6-7, 230) was the first commitment of the group, as he announced for the Hurricanes shortly after taking an unofficial visit to UM last summer. The state of Colorado's all-time sack leader picked the Hurricanes over a host of others, including Colorado State and Nebraska.

"They've always had great defensive linemen," Campbell said. "When I took a visit there during the summer, I got a chance to see how hard those guys worked and I thought that's something I need to be a part of."

Two of the most heavily recruited defensive ends on the national scene inked with the Canes. Wisconsin's Rhyan Anderson (6-3, 265) and New Jersey's Dwayne Hendricks (6-3, 245) both had offers from every major program in the country. Anderson took recruiting trips to UM, Ohio State, USC, Oklahoma, and Florida before announcing for the Hurricanes at the last minute. Hendricks made visits to UM, Iowa, Michigan, and Virginia.

"I just felt a little more comfortable at Miami when it was all over," Anderson said. "The jersey thing bothered me some at first but then I realized that I can't let that get in the way of my football career and I think it'll be the best if I picked Miami."

Sarasota Booker's Chris Zellner (6-2, 225) comes from the same school that produced current defensive end Baraka Atkins. He picked the Hurricanes over Ohio State, Maryland, and Tennessee.

"Miami is right here close to home," he said. "My parents will be able to continue coming to my games and I think it's a great overall program anyway."

Although there weren't many that got away because of the success rate they had, the Canes did see a couple end prospects sign elsewhere.

Merritt Island's Mike Mangold was offered a scholarship midway through the season but never actually took an official visit. He came a couple times unofficially but ended up signing with the Florida Gators.

Louisiana's Tyson Jackson was an early LSU commitment. However, when he began having second thoughts, close friend and Hurricane commitment Derron Thomas talked him into visiting Miami with him. Jackson made the visit, came away impressed, but ended up back in LSU's corner.

"I loved everything about Miami but it just felt right to go back with my original commitment," Jackson said. "It would have been great to play with Derron again but maybe we'll play against each other for the national title someday."

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