Whatever It Takes

Greg Threat is the first one at the Hecht Center in the morning and the last one to leave. Threat talks with coaches frequently to learn more about the game and his role on the team. His teammates have taken notice of his hard work and expect great things from Threat.

"I feel like I have to step up and be a leader this year. That is what I am trying to do this year. I feel a leader has to lead by example and that is what I am trying to do. I am not a big rah-rah guy, but if something needs to be said I will say it. I just want my teammates to know that I am going to do whatever it takes to get us a national championship."

Working hard is something that Threat does naturally and he doesn't do it for the attention of his teammates. However, it is important to have their respect.

"It is very important to me. They are like my family. I would do anything for those guys. I am trying to make our team better by putting in the extra work week in and week out."

Threat will be the starting strong safety for the Hurricanes in 2004 and is ready to make plays. Last year he suffered a hamstring injury before the season and he was anticipating red shirting. However Maurice Sikes went down with an injury and the coaching staff got Threat into playing shape and started him against Florida State. Threat responded well recording nine tackles in the game and looks forward to a full season of making plays.

"People at the University of Miami come here for that reason, to make big plays. I don't think it is anything out of the ordinary. I know I can do it and that is what I am expected to do. That is what I am ready to step up and do."

The off-season is a time for players to improve themselves on the field and in the weight room. Threat has been working hard to do whatever he can to help the team be a better football team.

"I am just working on making the correct reads, being more patient. Just playing on a consistent basis week in and week out. I am doing well in the weight room but I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I am the strongest guy, because I am not. I work on it with what I can do. I am up to 196, but I would like to get to about 200 when the season starts."

Alongside Threat will likely be sophomore Brandon Meriweather. Meriweather was the team's dime back last year. This year Threat is excited for the opportunity of the combo that they can become.

"Brandon is an extremely talented player. He has great instincts on the ball and is not afraid to come up and hit you. He is a physical guy. I think he will fit in real well and will make big plays.

Both Threat and Meriweather are known as big-time hitters. Threat wears the Oakley visor and it can be intimidating for opposing players. Meriweather did not wear a visor last year, but is likely to get one this year. Both safeties last year, Sikes and Taylor, wore the visor and it could be something that continues at Miami.

"We joke around about it about who hits harder. "I don't know who does," laughed Threat, "we just leave that up to the people."

Prior to the 2003 season Threat changed his number from 28 to 5, a number he wore in high school.

"I wore number five in high school and ever since I was young. My best friend, Terry Day, who I have known since elementary school in Georgia is five days apart from my birthday. He can't be here physically with me, but five signifies that he will be with me no matter what."

Threat is keeping busy in the classroom as well and is happy with his situation as a Miami Hurricane.

"My class work is going good. Everything is going good for me. I can't complain about anything. God has been blessing me."

Christopher Stock is a Staff Columnist for CanesTime and can be contacted by emailing him at stock@grassy.com.

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