DT Looking To Visit UM

It didn't take long for Lakeland's Kendrick Stewart to start making an impact after he was moved up to the varsity team during his freshman year. "My freshman year, it was my first time ever playing before," Stewart said.

"Once I got the hang of it, I started to dominate so they moved me up to the varsity team. Last year I had about 65 tackles and six sacks. I'm hoping to improve on that this year. I wanna get about 10 sacks, at least, and over 70 tackles."

At 6-foot-2 and 280 pounds, Stewart has emerged as one of the top defensive tackle prospects in the state.

Stewart, who carries a 3.2 core GPA and has scored an 810 on the P-SAT, also competes in three other varsity sports -- track, basketball, and weightlifting. He recently finished first in a county meet for weightlifting -- bench pressing 380 pounds and doing 285 on the clean and jerk.

The talented defensive tackle talked about what makes him stand out along the defensive front.

"I am real good with my hands," he said. "I'm a lot quicker than people think. I'm just unstoppable out there. I refuse to get beaten. Something takes over me and I just dominate."

Off the field, Stewart is already garnering major attention from various Div.1 programs.

"I'm getting stuff from all the Florida schools," he said. "I don't really wanna leave because you have three great programs right here. Florida,I love their facilities and the support they get for all the home games. Florida State is the same and plus I wanted to play there when I was a little kid. At Miami, it's everything. Oh man. They send a lot of guys to the NFL, the coaches are tight, it's just a good situation. I've never been there so hopefully I'll get a chance to check it out next weekend for the NIKE Camp."

Stewart, who also lists North Carolina as a possibility, plans on camping at all three Florida schools as well as a local camp called Down & Dirty (for linemen).

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