Davis Stating His Case

Tanard Davis is known more for his accolades on the track than the football field. He entered the University of Miami with aspirations of earning a football scholarship and now that he has accomplished that goal he is ready to take it one step further – playing time. Davis is currently making a serious push for the #3 cornerback position this spring behind Antrel Rolle and Kelly Jennings.

Davis is learning the position after spending time earlier in his career on the offensive side of the ball. He is spending a great deal of time learning the cornerback position but he has one thing that the coaches cannot teach and that is blazing speed. Davis has been very successful on the track and along with Terrell Walden is the fastest Hurricane on any given day.

"In track this year I thought I broke the record in the 60-meter dash, but they didn't give it to me," said Davis.

Davis has the speed of the game down. What he most needs work on is the physical nature of playing corner against receivers that are bigger than he is.

"I'm trying to be more physical, but for the most part the coaches have been telling me I have been getting better," he added. "I am just trying to play hard out there."

Playing hard is one thing that will only help him crack the depth chart. With questions surrounding the health of Glenn Sharpe's knee this fall there is a very real chance that Davis could earn playing time this season. He isn't leaving anything to chance this spring despite some inconsistent performances.

"So far practices have been up-and-down," said Davis. "I am trying to get better."

For a cornerback, one key ingredient above the physical tools is confidence. They say the successful corners are the ones with the shortest memories after a bad play. If Davis can gain confidence he may just enjoy a very successful senior season. His success in track has helped him feel confident on the football field as well.

"Doing well in track has given me more confidence on the field," he agreed.

Today in practice he had two interceptions and his confidence grows with every rep he sees.

"The first one was in two-minute drill," he explained. "We were in a cover two and my responsibility was to cover the guy in the flat. I jumped the route to get the interception on Brock Berlin's pass. The second one they jumped offside and it was in a similar coverage, but a different type of strategy."

Davis is one player that continues to get better each day in spring camp. Come this fall a former walk-on just may be the one on the field when it counts most.

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