Senior Leadership

Chris Myers is a senior offensive lineman and has been locking down the right guard position for years. Last year Myers had a solid season and was named second-team All-Big East by the league coaches. He has played well this spring and is looking forward to being one of the leaders of the team in 2004.

The team lifted every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday all spring long. The majority of the players worked out early in the mornings to accommodate their class schedules. Even though Myers is only taking one class this semester he still worked out in the early morning.

"Before spring drills started I was working out at 8:00 every morning and I am only taking one class right now for graduation. I really have a lot of time on my hands and after I lifted I'd usually go watch film."

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays the team went through seven-on-seven drills without pads and without any coaches around. Without having the coaches around, this is when the players take charge. This is where leaders are developed.

"I have been working on being a leader and other guys like Joel Rodriguez, Orien Harris, and Antrel Rolle have been stepping up as well too. Antrel and I are the only two guys that started during the Fiesta Bowl year. We definitely need to step it up and be leaders on this team."

Myers is one of 10 seniors on the team and is looking forward to being a leader on the team. There are a lot of young guys on the team especially on the offensive line.

"Most of the pressure I feel of being a senior I have put on myself. I am a fifth-year senior and I want to take on more of a leadership role more this year. I really need to step up and I need to take these guys to the next level because we have a lot of young guys on the team right now and a lot of them don't know exactly what it is going to take to get it done."

It is a role he fills comfortable with and is making sure to lead during the off-season. Not all players feel comfortable with that role, but it is imperative for a team to have direction and someone to lead. Myers is one of those guys.

"I want that. I have wanted that ever since I have been here. That is the type of thing that you want to have when you become a college player. You want to be that role model. When I was younger I remember the 2001 team and watching Ed Reed just lead the team. He is a role model of where I want to be next year. I want the guys on the team to look up to me in that fashion."

Although Myers had a solid season last year there is always room for improvement. Every player in the country is working on making themselves better football players. At Miami, it is a must.

"The thing I need to get better at is my footwork and my technique. I am not the biggest offensive lineman that we have so I try to use that to my advantage. I try to use my speed because I am not as strong as some guys."

Myers has been working hard in the weight room and it has paid off. He has gained weight since the Orange Bowl and because he uses his speed as an advantage it is imperative for him to maintain his speed when gaining weight. This hasn't been a problem for him and the coaches have encouraged the extra weight as long as his speed doesn't drop off.

"Since the Orange Bowl I have gained 15-20 pounds so I am up around 300 pounds now. I am not 280 like I was last year. The Fiesta Bowl year I was weighing 270 pounds. I don't have a plan for my playing weight and it hasn't been a big deal for me because I have played well at 270, 280. I think the extra weight will help me though."

The offense did well during seven-on-sevens and with new offensive coordinator Dan Werner, Myers is excited about the direction the offense has taken.

"To be honest, I think we are going to be more balanced this year. Coach Chud used the offense that we had during the Rose Bowl last year and we just didn't have that personnel last year. We didn't have Willis McGahee, Clinton Portis, Ken Dorsey, and Andre Johnson. We had a lot of younger guys that didn't have that much playing time. It wasn't as effective for us, but it all comes down to us executing the plays."

Although it is only April, Myers is excited for the potential of the team. There are a lot of guys that could have breakout years. If a number of guys step up the Hurricanes will be fun to watch in 2004.

"I think this coming year a lot of young guys know that it is all about execution. Frank Gore will be back and we signed a top running back class with three or four guys. We have a lot of the wide receivers back and they will be even better than they were last year. If Coach Werner can help us by calling plays perfectly, we will be back in the Orange Bowl."

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