Cook Adjusting to Strongside LB

Glenn Cook is a redshirt freshman linebacker from Madonna-Chaminade Prep in Hollywood, Florida. This spring Cook moved to strongside linebacker from middle linebacker when former high school teammate Jon Beason made the switch to middle linebacker from safety.

"Right now I am trying to work hard in practice to get better. I am trying to learn the strongside linebacker position."

He has made the move in stride and is adjusting very well. Cook has been surprised how easy the transition has been.

"One of the toughest position in our defense is the middle linebacker position so it wasn't hard to make the transition. It was fine with me to make the transition. I didn't take it as a negative."

The easiest part about making the transition for Cook was the help around him from his teammates and the coaching staff.

"Roger McIntosh was a big help. Any questions I had he answered. Coach Shannon and coach Hargreaves also helped me out with what was going on. I had a lot of help from people."

There are some similarities and differences between the Sam linebacker and the Will linebacker.

"It really isn't that different. The Will linebacker covers more wide receivers and the Sam linebacker is on the tight end or the running backs. That is the biggest difference. Running back they are pretty similar."

Cook and Beason were high school teammates at Madonna-Chaminade Prep in Hollywood, Florida. In high school they ran a 50 defense, which is similar to a 4-3 in the sense that it is a gap control attack style defense.

"We have a real good relationship. I have known him since ninth grade. We help each other out on the field. He works hard and makes big plays."

Beason's move to middle linebacker did not surprise Cook.

"No not really. It wasn't too much of a surprise. I kind of figured it would happen, but I didn't know if it would. I had it in the back of my head that it could happen."

Last season Cook redshirted and was able to spend time learning the defense. He was also able to adjust to the college life balancing football with academics.

"Coming in I knew I was probably going to redshirt, which was a good thing. I was able to get better at some things. Mentally I was able to get adjusted to college. Everybody wants to play, but I understood the situation."

The 2003 Hurricanes had five senior linebackers including starters Jonathan Vilma, D.J. Williams, and Darrell McClover.

"I was also able to learn as much as I could from the senior linebackers. They biggest thing I learned from them was their attitude of how they played football. There were no losing attitudes out there. They had been here for a while so they helped me through things. They would tell us younger guys ‘this is what you do if you want to play here.'"

This year the ‘Canes have only five linebackers participating in spring practices. With only five linebackers they are getting plenty of reps in, something that Cook thinks will be beneficiary in the future.

"It is a little thin, but in the long run it will help us to get more guys in there getting reps. Right now we just have to work through it and get stronger as a unit."

How good can the 2004 linebackers be?

"We can be as good as we want to be."

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