Coach Coker Spring Game Quotes

Following Saturday's Spring Game head coach Larry Coker shared his thoughts on the game and various players. The offense won the game 33-10 with some nice plays late in the game.

Coach Larry Coker

"We really did a lot of things today. Obviously the tight ends stood out. I really felt that was going to be a strong position for us and it certainly was today. I thought all of the quarterbacks threw the ball pretty well today. You got to see some of the things Tyrone Moss can do."

"We have a lot of improvement to do on the offensive line with the first unit and especially with the second unit. We have talent there so we have a chance to be good, but we have a lot of work to do."

"Defensively, when we had our first unit in there I think they were as solid as we had hoped they would be. With Rocky McIntosh and the linebackers, Orien Harris, the secondary, I think we are going to be good. I was really impressed with Brian Monroe. I think he punted the ball awfully well today. Without question we needed to see that. Hopefully we got out of the spring with few injuries."

"As a player I would like about three days of spring practice, but as a coach I would like about 50. I think we got a lot accomplished. I saw a lot more confidence out of the quarterbacks than I did a year ago. I think you can see some bright spots there. We have seen some big play opportunities. You throw in Roscoe Parrish and Ryan Moore in the mix and I think we have a chance to be a good offensive football team."

"I was very impressed with the tight ends today, without question. They made plays and they made tough catches. If you are going to be offensively you have to have a quarterback that gives you opportunity and a player that sometimes will make plays when they arent there. We did that sometimes today and certainly our tight ends did that. Darnell Jenkins had a tremendous catch down the sideline today."

"I thought all three played well today and I have been pleased with their progress throughout the spring. We didn't give Kyle Wright as many reps as we would have liked, but it just happened that way. We tried to extend him today to make sure he got some reps in. I think they handled themselves well today."

"I saw what I expected today from Brock Berlin. He stepped up and made plays. He led our team out there and scored a touchdown. You can throw out all of the reads and all of that out the window; you want guys that lead your team to touchdowns. Kenny Dorsey wasn't the prettiest guy in the world, but he led his team to touchdowns. I think Brock is starting to step up."

"Tyrone Moss ran the ball well and caught the ball well today. I think Tyrone just gets better through time. If the game lasted eight quarters he would be a phenom in the last two. Hopefully we don't have any overtimes thought."

"I have been impressed all spring with the defensive line and secondary. I think they have done an outstanding job. I have been pleased with the quarterback play and the play of the tight ends."

"Late in the third quarter I think the offense was getting their butts kicked and had their backs to the wall. They decided to do something about it. We also had a lot of defensive substitutions as well so they weren't as formidable."

"I think our the whole key to our defense will be our linebackers. I think Orien Harris, Santonio Thomas; all of those guys are going to be good. All of the ends are the same guys we had last year. The secondary has been the best I have been around since I have been here. They cover and tackle well. Coach Shannon and coach Walton have done a great job with those guys. The linebackers, well I'm not ready to say we got it all together with those guys quite yet. I like what I see and I think we have talent there. We need to play some games."

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