Spring Games Quotes - Dan Werner

Dan Werner spent his first spring camp as the Offensive Coordinator at the University of Miami. He shared his thoughts on the spring and what he looks forward to this summer and fall in preparation for the upcoming season.

Offensive Coordinator Dan Werner

"Anytime you face a defense like our's you are going to have to battle each time. We shown very good spurts at times and I think at times we had not so good spurts. I think our guys came together and stepped up in the second half."

"Early in the game I think our offensive line struggled, but there at the end it seemed like we opened up some holes and gave the quarterback time to throw. If that happens where we open up holes to run through and time to throw the football, we are going to be real good."

"I just talked with Darnell Jenkins as he walked off the field. The thing we talked to the offense about was that we wanted to find out who our guys were that could make plays. After this spring, he is one of those guys and I told him that. No matter the situation we know we can count on him. We can single him up on a certain guy and he will make a play. Because every time we have done it he has made a play."

"My job as a coordinator is to bring everyone together and make sure we are all on the same page. I have done it at three different places before so it is nothing new. Right now it is all about making sure we run plays that will work and practicing those against a defense that we are going to see. When you are going against your own defense you know what they are going to run and they know what you are going to run."

"There is no doubt about the progress we have made. We went into spring meetings with a game plan. What we wanted to finish by the end of spring in regards to plays. Two days ago we had every one of those plays in and we feel our guys know what to do and how to execute them. With the players we have and they are able to do that, we are going to be real good. We only have 15 practices in the spring and it is something that will be fine-tuned during two-a-days. By the time our 29th practice rolls around we will find out where we are as a team."

"This summer it is important for our guys to work hard and stay healthy. They need to study their playbook because we don't want to have to spend time teaching the plays over again in the fall. They should know their plays on the back of their hands. They need to stay in shape, which they will, because we don't want them to come into two-a-days not in shape."

"Recruits are allowed to come down for summer workouts either when they graduate high school or June 3, whichever comes later. We will probably have half of our guys down here."

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