OL Excited About UM Offer

Pat Sheil figured he was one of the better linemen in the state of Virginia heading into the spring. What the 6-foot-6, 274-pound lineman didn't know was how many and which people were so impressed. He began to learn that in recent weeks.

"I had some nice offers," Sheil said. "All of the schools around here plus people like Maryland and Syracuse had already offered me. Then just recently, I got offered by the University of Florida on Thursday and then the University of Miami on Friday. I was really excited about those."

Sheil, who recently bench-pressed 185 pounds 21 times at a camp, may still not realize how good a future he really has. He does know that he can't stop now.

"I played all defense last season so I need to keep learning how to play right tackle," he said. "I think the things that separate me are my feet -- everyone notices that -- and my technique and how I'm a hard nosed guy. I love getting after it, I like mixing it up. I also have real long arms so I think that helps with the colleges too."

Sheil can't wait for the season to kick off.

"We're trying to take the district crown back," he said. "Everyone has been working real hard since February and we're going to be a stronger team than last year. We're trying to make a run at states."

Sheil, a full academic qualifier, has been playing football since 5th grade so he's no stranger to the techniques involved.

"People say I have good technique," he said. "I started when I was in about 5th grade. I actually played tailback my first year and that was sweet. I was actually the fastest guy on the team, which was pretty sad. In 8th grade, I played tight end."

Now Sheil, who also competes in basketball and track, is one of the top line prospects in the entire nation. His offer sheet is up to 10.

"I really like UVA and (Virginia) Tech," he said. "They both have great coaching staffs, good programs. Tech is real hungry for offensive tackles. UVA is loaded there but they have a superior staff so that wouldn't matter so much. I'd say the in-state schools have a little lead because my parents can come see me play pretty easily. I plan on taking a trip this summer to Florida. I'd like to attend Florida's summer camp and swing by Miami on the trip."

The talented big man talked more about the two Florida powers.

"They're two of the top programs in the nation," he said. "It's a big honor just to have interest from them like I'm getting. Just being able to block for someone like Chris Leak would want to make me play harder and those teams have guys like that. The thing with Miami is they're competing for the national title every year and I'd love to be able to win the big one at least once."

Sheil will have plenty of time to deal with the recruiting attention but, as mentioned, he's trying to focus on having a big senior season.

"Like I said, we're trying to make a run at states," he said.

In the meantime, college coaches will continue making a strong run at Sheil.

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