OL Has Six Offers; Favors UM

Starting his football career wasn't the easiest thing in the world for Simon Codrington III to do. When he first went out for football in fourth grade, he was told that he was too heavy to play with his peers and too young to play with the kids his own weight. The current South Miami High two-way lineman had an idea.

"I went out and practiced with the team anyway," Codrington said. "I started when I was real little. I didn't understand a whole lot then. Now I love it."

Codrington, who stands a legitimate 6-foot-7 and 260 pounds, is now a rising senior and one of the top offensive line prospects in the state of Florida.

"The thing that separates me from other players, I think, is my heart," he said. "I have yet to see another player play with more heart on the field than me."

The talented lineman recalls a play during his sophomore year that proves that.

"We were playing Homestead in the playoffs," he said. "It was late in the game and I cracked my elbow on another guy's helmet. I couldn't even feel my arm, couldn't move it or anything. I didn't want to come out though because my team needed me. Then my coach called a play to my side and I was thinking, 'how am I gonna make this block?' Then the ball was snapped and I just blasted the guy across from me onto the ground and the play went for 20 yards. I couldn't feel anything after that. I was ready for anyone at that point. That's just how I am -- I love playing the game."

Codrington, who played on his school's basketball team that reached the Class 6A championship game (vs Orlando Edgewater), has been playing on both sides of the ball the last couple seasons but plans on switching to left tackle in college.

"A lot of teams switch guys to my side," he said. "They're always blitzing a lot and doing whatever they can to confuse me."

In his entire career, Codrington has only given up one sack and it's not something he's proud of.

"I wanted to leave high school after giving up none," he said. "I was so mad at myself after that. I missed a blitz, didn't see him and by the time my mind reacted to what my eyes saw, it was too late to get out there and hit him. You dont understand how mad I was then."

Codrington, whose father of the same name played college ball at Eastern Kentucky, has been getting plenty of Div. 1 interest this spring.

"I have scholarship offers from Florida, North Carolina State, Auburn, Eastern Kentucky, West Virginia, and South Florida," he said. "A lot of people come by the school to watch us, a lot call the house, so I've been getting some interest."

Codrington, a full academic qualifier, said academics will play a major role in his decision.

"Look, I love playing the game and hopefully will play for a long time," he said. "My dad got hurt at the end of college and he almost went to the pros. It can end at any time and only two-percent or something like that make it. I wanna be in that two-percent and will do whatever it takes at the next level but if not, I need a degree. That's the first thing I'm gonna worry about is getting my degree from a good school."

Codrington said four schools currently stand out on his list of favorites.

"My top four right now are UM, Florida, Auburn, and North Carolina State," he said. "Those are the places I wanna go to camps at. UM is the place I wanna go but they're not recruiting me as hard as the other ones. I've talked to them. Coach (Kehoe) came by the school. He wants me to come to the school and the camp or whatever. I've been to practices, been to everything they invited me to. I have been to camp there before. I know the school and team like the back of my hand. Now I wanna go check out some other places away from home."

Codrington and his South Miami teammates will play their spring jamboree against Coral Reef on Thursday night at Tropical Park in Miami.

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