FB Had Big Junior Year

Anytime you had a chance to watch Edgewater High last year in Orlando, not only did you get a chance to watch highly recruited seniors Aaron Jones and Kenny Ingram. Two of the state's best juniors were also making an impact -- offensive lineman Matt Hardrick and fullback Antonio Turner.

At 6-foot-1 and 225 pounds, Turner has the ideal size you look for in a college fullback prospect. Turner talked about his style.

"I'm not a sideline to sideline guy," Turner said. "I'll be the first person to tell you that. I'm going straight ahead so you better be ready, whether I'm blocking or running. By the end of the game when I'm still fresh, I see a lot of tired people on defense and I'm coming full speed ahead. I ain't scared of anyone out there."

Turner certainly proved that last season, as he gained 710 yards with 14 touchdowns while playing fullback. In his team's spring jamboree a few weeks ago, Turner had just three carries, which went for 70 yards and two touchdowns. Now he's gearing up for his senior season.

"The biggest thing for us as a team is to keep our heads on straight," he said. "We have a lot of talented people ready to replace some guys we lost. If we do it right, I think we can get back to the show (Edgewater lost to Carol City in the 6A title game last season). This year, we need to finish off the job though."

Turner, who has been playing football for nine years now, made no mention of himself when asked about his expectations this coming season. His character is just another reason why college coaches are so excited about his upside.

"There were a lot of coaches that came out this spring and then called," he said. "I don't really keep track of it though. My coach told me I'm up to eight offers and I couldn't even tell you who they're from. I just wanna help this team get back to the state game."

The talented fullback can pick out a few schools that do stand out right now.

"My top pick is probably Ole Miss because they're staying on top of me real good," he said. "They seem to be showing me a lot of interest. It's them and the Florida schools."

Coaches from all three Florida schools stopped by to see Turner this spring, including UM's Don Soldinger.

"He was saying how they're interested and how I need to try to get my grades up," he said. "I'm very interested in Miami too. I thought about going to their camp but the one at Florida is the same day so I'm going to that one. Big Matt (Hardrick) said he's probably going to the one at Miami."

Turner said looking at the depth charts isn't something he'll even do when making a decision.

"It doesn't matter at all to me," he said. "Everyone's competing for the same spot. To me, I don't care who I'm competing with. It'll only make me better if the other players are better too."

Asked if he prefers running back or fullback, Turner had an interesting response.

"Of course I'd like to be a running back that gets all the carries," he said. "But I know I need to get a little faster for that and I know some offenses use the fullback a lot so it really doesn't matter. Wherever they need me at."

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