Smith Remains High on UM

Antone Smith has been spending a lot of time in Miami lately. He's used that as an opportunity to check out UM more. "My boy stays down here and I've been staying with him ever since our school got out," Smith said. "I'll be down here till the end of the month."

Just prior to the end of the school year, Smith played in his team's spring jamboree. He ran wild -- 130 yards on 10 carries with four touchdowns.

"I don't know if it was just my athletic ability or what but it seemed pretty easy out there," he said. "I can't wait for the season. I've been in the weight room a lot, trying to get my speed down. I'm up to 187 now and I wanna win a state title in football and track (as a senior)."

The talented running back still works out and conditions on a regular basis.

"I'm still in the weight room a lot and I train at a stadium close by called Traz Powell," he said. "I'm doing whatever I can."

Smith has stopped by UM a few times in recent weeks, including once today.

"I went by today for a little bit after the D-1 camp," he said. "I was just checking to see what other players were at the camp. UM's great. All the coaches know how I feel about them."

The rising senior said he talks to the UM coaches on a regular basis and likes what he hears on the other end.

"I'm pretty much the only running back they have offered so far," he said. "I know they took four guys last year but that ain't botherin' me any. I'm a competitor. The best guy will get the job is how I see it."

Smith also recently got a call from UM commitment Martellus Bennett.

"He already knows that he's going there and I guess he's trying to get other people to come with him to bump up the recruiting class," he said.

While UM is the front runner for Smith's services right now, they do have some other competition.

"I'm actually leaving tomorrow for NC State," he said. "I'm gonna check them out. I'm also going to Florida State's camp later (in the summer). Even though I have UM up there, I'm still gonna take all my visits. I won't be making any commitment or anything like that till after all my visits. I wanna visit Hawaii too."

Smith ran for over 1,000 yards as a junior while battling an ankle injury all year. He helped Pahokee win a state title. He was the state runner up in the 100m and 200m events in track as a sophomore.

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