QB Has Strong Camp

Cardinal Gibbons quarterback Mike Greco was invited to UM's camp so he decided to go for Sunday's drills. "I had a great time," Greco said. "The coaches said they like me and that I did a real good job out there. There were some really good receivers to throw to and that made it even better."

The 6-3, 205-pounder talked about his two favorite targets on Sunday.

"Mike Moore and Jessie Hester were the two I liked the most," he said. "Mike is one of those guys who you can just throw a jump ball and he's gonna go get it. He can go across the middle too. He's more physical and bigger. Jessie's real good too. He's more of a slot receiver. He's a lot quicker than Mike and faster. I'd love to be able to have Mike on the outside and Jessie in the slot."

Greco also talked about a tight end from Iowa named Trent Flander who attended the camp.

"They kept calling him Shockey," he said. "He was pretty fast for how big he was. He had pretty good hands. I had fun throwing to him too. He was the best tight end out there."

Greco said he enjoyed going through 1-on-1 and 7-on-7 drills against a group of quality defensive backs as well.

"The best cornerback was either Shelton (Penrow) from Deerfield Beach or (Myron) Rolle from New Jersey," he said. "Shelton is small but he's quick and he covers real good. The Jersey guy's huge. He's real physical. If you get off the line, you have a chance but some guys couldn't even do that. I saw him throwing guys into the water cooler as they came off the line of scrimmage. There was a safety (Dorian Munroe) who had a bunch of picks. He has a great break on the ball."

When throwing to running backs and tight ends out of the backfield, Greco noticed a linebacker that stood out.

"I thought it was DJ Williams out there or something," he said referring to Ricky Jean-Francois. "He was huge and he ran really well. I liked him. There were two teammates from Northwestern there (Dustin Forston and Leron King) that covered really good because they were so quick."

Greco said he plans on taking in several more camps later this summer.

"Miami said they'd stay in touch and continue watching me closely," he said. "I had a chance to throw a lot and I think that's what they wanted to see. I'm going to Florida State, Georgia, and NC State for camps too in July."

Greco has added several big scholarship offers in recent weeks.

"Bowling Green and South Florida offered right after we last talked and then Iowa and Auburn offered right after that," he said. "I'm just trying to keep my options open for now."

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