LB Teammates Take In Camp

Northwestern teammates Dustin Forston and Leron King both attended the UM camp on Sunday. "We went out together and worked with the linebackers since that's what we'll be playing in college," King said.

"I thought it went great. The coaches were always telling us little things on what we can improve on and stuff like that. I had fun."

Forston said he didn't see any running backs who caught his eye.

"There was one kid who was running his mouth some but we shut him down too," he said. "He ran a wheel route and I jumped up and slapped the ball down."

King also worked out with the defensive ends for a little bit.

"I just wanted to get a few reps there too since that's where I'll be playing this year," he said. "It was fun. I was doing those O-Linemen in. Some tall dude from South Miami tried blocking me and I just ran by him like he wasn't even there. Chris (Barney), I know what he can do. We go up against each other every single day in practice."

Forston, who has an offer from Auburn, said he had a chance to talk briefly to Randy Shannon.

"I'm gonna be calling him back to see what's going on," he said. "Hopefully he liked what he saw out there. Me and Leron are both trying to get noticed by those guys."

The talented teammates, who combined for 40 sacks as juniors last season, leave for South Florida's camp on Wednesday.

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