The Freak Talks About UM Camp

They call him The Freak. That's how he plays on the football field every Friday night and it's how he performed at UM's camp the last two days.

Carol City's Ricky Jean-Francois attended two days of UM's camp this past weekend and came away with some comments.

"It was fun out there," Jean-Francois said. "The coaches had a chance to watch me for a couple days. I ran a 4.9 and then did a 38-inch vertical jump. That's the best vert I've gotten."

After doing all the combine type stuff on Saturday morning, the 6-3, 245-pounder then began running through drills.

"I wanted to work out as a linebacker so that's who I went with," he said. "The first day I really didn't see any good competition out there for me. A few running backs were kinda quick or whatever but nothing really caught my eye."

Jean-Francois returned for the second day of the camp and said there was better competition that day.

"The two guys from Northwestern came out so I had some competition at linebacker," he said. "I also worked in some with the ends. Chris (Barney) from Northwestern was a good offensive lineman. The dude from South Miami (Simon Codrington) was there but he really didn't show me much."

The Freak described what makes Barney such a good player.

"He's real thick and strong," he said. "He knows what's he's going and he's tough when he puts it all together. He was the best guy I went against all last year too."

The talented defensive end prospect had a chance to talk to some of the UM coaches after the camp.

"They were telling me how I did a good job and stuff," he said. "Larry Coker told me I have a scholarship offer to come play there. But until I get those in the mail, I really don't pay attention."

The talented defender plans on attending several more camps later this summer.

"I wanna go to Down & Dirty because I know the dude from Edgewater (Matt Hardrick) will be there," he said. "He was real tough last year in the state game. I also wanna go to Michigan and LSU's camps."

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