WR Hoping For Good News

Mike Moore went to the UM camp this weekend hoping to leave with a scholarship offer. Although he was unable to attend day three of the event, he still feels confident.

"I wasn't able to make it out there today but I talked to CJ and he said that he really liked me and that the coaches were impressed with the way I performed," Moore said. "He said if it was his decision, I would have an offer. But he needs to check with Coach Coker first because they have to agree on all the offers they give out."

Moore was glad he had the chance to go the first couple days.

"There were a lot of good players out there," he said. "There were a bunch of good DBs. (Myron) Rolle from New Jersey was huge. He's real strong, tough to get by at the line of scrimmage. Dorian Munroe has a great break on the ball. He has about the best break on the ball of any safety I've seen. And Shelton (Penrow) from Deerfield was pretty good too. Ray Herring from Melbourne was also there. He's pretty good."

Moore said he and Jessie Hester battled for most of Sunday as the top receiver.

"Everyone was saying it was me or him as the best receiver," he said. "We were competing hard with each other. We got to be friends this weekend. We're gonna be going to the FSU camp together in July. He's a cool guy."

Moore also caught receivers from several different quarterbacks at the camp. He talked about some of them.

"The guy Zack (Asack) from out of state was throwing real nice," he said. "I like the way Garner throws too. My boy Mike Greco was throwing good too."

With all the talent at the camp the first two days, it was tough to single any one player out. However, Moore may be able to do that.

"But the most impressive guy at the whole camp might have been Ricky (Jean-Francois) from Carol City," he said. "I can't believe how well he moves for a linebacker his size. He's probably gonna be a great player."

Moore had an interesting thing to say about UM tight end commitment Martellus Bennett.

"We were asking about him, to see if he was coming or not," he said. "He wasn't able to make it. When I asked CJ about him, he said he's a great basketball player also playing football right now. He said imagine Kobe Bryant playing tight end. As he keeps learning how to play football, he should be a great player."

Moore said he'll just sit tight now as he awaits UM's decision on whether to offer him or not.

"CJ said it could be soon or it could be after Coach Coker watches my senior tape," he said. "They've only offered a few receivers so I'm not worried about it yet. That's the offer I want though."

Moore, who claims over a dozen offers, plans on camping at FSU and Georgia later this summer.

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