Camp MVP Talks About UM

Myron Rolle is already one of the best players in the state of New Jersey. The rising junior has been to several camps and combines over the last year or so. Before beginning his senior season, he wanted to check out one more.

"I wanted to come down for Miami's camp because everyone says how Florida always has the most speed and the best athletes," Rolle said. "I wanted to go down there and see how I matched up with some of their best. With the MVP, I think I proved myself."

Rolle, who checked in at 6-3 and 210 pounds, said his toughest competition came from wide receiver Jessie Hester.

"Coach Walton kept telling me to match up against Hester," he said. "He has great ball skills and he's real quick. But if you get him off his route at the line of scrimmage, he doesn't run that 4.3 anymore. I also saw (Mike Moore) abusing guys out there, even though I never got a chance to go up against him."

Rolle said he saw a fellow defensive back that really stood out from the rest of the campers.

"Dorian Munroe is a real good player," he said. "He plays the entire field really well. He has good vision."

Rolle plays safety back home but decided to work out as a corner at the camp.

"Coach Shannon and Walton wanted to see what I could do at corner," he said. "I told them wherever they want me to play, I'll play."

The talented defensive back doubles as a running back and is coming off an impressive sophomore season. He ran for 1,038 yards and 12 touchdowns. Defensively, he had 103 tackles and 15 pass break ups.

"I play physical," he said. "I can hit and I'm fast. I feel like my versatility sets me apart."

Rolle, who carries a 4.0 with an 1120 SAT score, also plays basketball and runs track (21-2 long jump as a sophomore). Those are just some of the reasons why so many college coaches are already trying to get their foot in the door.

"Since the coaches can't contact me yet, they go through my coach," he said. "I'm real good at getting in contact with them. Last year I went to Oklahoma and Purdue. Oklahoma was great, I loved it. But after seeing Miami, I really like them too. I'm really wide open to pretty much anyone in the United States."

Rolle had a chance to compete in 1-on-1 drills against UM prospect Derrick Williams at a camp earlier in the year.

"Like Jessie, he's a very good receiver too," he said. "He's more of an athlete. He is really fast and quick but he doesn't run his routes like Jessie. I went up against him three times. He beat me once with his speed so after that, I had to put my hands on him and that slowed him down. I enjoy going up against players like that."

Rolle said he left the UM camp very impressed with everything he saw.

"I saw the athletes people talk about," he said. "The campus was beautiful. I really liked the school. And the coaches were great. They spend a lot of time instructing the little things like footwork, hips, hands, all that. We also went over the different coverage schemes they like to use. I really enjoyed working with Coach Shannon and Coach Walton."

The talented defender said he's already started to put some of the new techniques to use.

"I was out there today working on some of the new things I learned while I was there," he said. "I'm gonna be able to use them during the season. I think it was a real positive experience for me and I had a lot of fun."

As mentioned earlier, Rolle will be just a junior in the fall. He'll likely be one of the most heavily recruited players in New Jersey next year.

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