UM Camp - Overall Thoughts

With another successful camp completed, the University of Miami yet again attracted some of the top prep football talent from around the country. Here are my overall thoughts of the camp based on conversations with the prospects who attended.

From an overall standpoint, I think it was a tremendous success. Kids from all over the nation showed up so UM had plenty of talented kids to evaluate. Every kid I spoke to had glowing things to say about the program and the coaches. This truly is a great place for these kids right now. Here's what I gathered from talking to a lot of the top kids who participated.

QB: Whether you count him as a QB or as an athlete, I think there's a real good chance Carlton Hill will be a Hurricane. He told me on his way down to UM last week that if the Canes offered, he'd probably take it. They have offered and I think he'll take it after using some of his visits.

However, I still think UM will take another quarterback. Jonathan Garner and Zack Asack certainly helped their chances this weekend. Both were very impressive and singled out by a lot of the camp's best WRs and DBs.

RB: The best player there was a JR from PA. I haven't found out who he is yet but stay tuned.

WR: Mike Moore and Jessie Hester were both excellent. Moore is more polished and prototype. He's a 6-2 kid that runs good routes, can go over the middle, etc. Hester is more explosive, very quick. I think these two are going neck and neck as to which one gets an offer from UM first (if they offer either one). Senior seasons will probably help tell the story.

There was a junior named Preston Parker from Delray Atlantic. 5-11 1/2, 175. Fast and good route-runner. He's a name to remember, although he probably isn't in the same league as Hester/Moore right now.

TE: I love Trent Flander. He's a throwback. Like I said earlier today, generally the best kids don't find other players good. The Freak talked very highly of Flander, as did every QB and LB I spoke to. 6-4, 230. The kid loves football, he's aggressive, good hands. When I asked him about UM getting M. Bennett already, he didn't care. He just loves the game and wants to compete.

OL: Chris Barney and Eddie Haupt still have some things to prove it appears before getting offered. Kirbel is the type of kid Kehoe loves. I think it'll be UM or Michigan for him in the end. Watch his stock go through the roof in the next couple months.

DL: Two kids really stood out - Jonas Murrell and a DL from Texas named Brad Sellers. He's a little short (6-1 or 6-2) but "ripped" and has good quickness. UM is on him so keep an eye on him.

LB: The Freak was just that. He again showed why I think he's an incredible prospect. Forston and King were very impressive in pass coverage, which is a positive sign since they play defensive end in H.S. It's gonna be tough for both of them to squeeze in but UM will be watching them closely, thats for sure.

DB: Lots of standouts. Morley, Munroe, Rolle, Penrow, Johnson, lots to choose from. It'll be interesting to see which ones get in (minus Rolle, of course, who is a junior).

It sounds like the four kids who will soon get written offers based on the camp are The Freak, Carlton Hill, Cory Zirbel, and Myron Rolle. They all told me Coker said an offer should be on the way. Obviously, I think UM has an excellent chance at the first two and I think it's 50/50 for Zirbel right now.

Still a long ways to go. Garner, Asack, Moore, Hester, Flander, Barney, Haupt, Murrell, Sellers, Forston, King, Munroe, Penrow, Johnson, etc. are all kids who will be watched closely in the next couple months.

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