Top Notch DL Talks Recruiting

Richard Gordon put on quite a show at the recent team camp at the University of South Florida. Opposing players quickly found out who he was.

"The big dude from Norland was destroying people the whole camp," one opposing camper told me. "He was doing mostly one-on-ones and he was just throwing people like it was nothing."

The Miami Norland standout said he had fun at the camp and talked about the experience.

"It was a lot of fun," Gordon said. "There were only seven of us that went and nobody wanted us in 7-on-7's so we did mostly one-on-ones. I was ready for anyone. The West was there and I wanted Barney. He wasn't there so I whipped everyone else. I told them Barney will get his when we play them this year."

Gordon, 6-4 and a rock-solid 250 pounds, is fresh off an ankle injury that forced him to sit out his spring jamboree. He's back at it now.

"I'm ready to go," he said. "I rested up and now I'm working hard. I'm going for 20 sacks this year. I wanna get Forston's record from last year. He got 21. I think I can get him."

The talented defensive end, who doubles as a tight end on offense, finished last season with 25 tackles and six sacks. He believes his overall athletic ability separates him from other players.

"There are a lot of big guys out there but they dont have my speed and quickness," he said.

Gordon, who has been playing football for three years now, could project at either position in college. He also plays varsity basketball and is on the track team. He competed in the 100m, 200m, and 4x1 events. Those are more reasons why he's one of the state's top prospects at his position.

"I have 12 scholarship offers now," he said. "They're all from Division 1 programs. The ones I'm liking right now are Florida State, Florida, Nebraska, Ohio State, and South Florida."

Gordon seems real high on Florida State and South Florida.

"FSU, I've been there a lot," he said. "I was there for states (a few years ago) and I've been there for basketball camps and stuff. I like it a lot. They want me for both tight end and defensive end. South Florida is up and coming. They're going to the Big East, which means they'll be on TV a lot. Plus, they recruit a lot of guys from down here. They're starting to put guys into the pros too."

Gordon has not yet been offered by Miami but does receive hand-written mail from them on a regular basis.

"I get a letter from either Coach Shannon or the tight ends coach almost every day," he said. "They haven't offered yet because I think they're low on scholarships."

Gordon said an offer from UM probably wouldn't do a whole lot for the Canes at this point.

"Miami's loaded," he said. "They got players everywhere. At tight end, they moved one of their quarterbacks to play tight end. They got a bunch of other guys there too. At defensive end, they still got Bryan Pata, Eric (Moncur), and a bunch of other young guys. There isn't a whole lot of room for me."

Gordon plans on camping at FSU in early July.

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