Oghobaase Leaves UM Impressed

Alief (Texas) Hastings defensive tackle Vince Oghobaase knew going into this past spring that the recruiting process would not be easy. He decided to take matters into his own hand and travel across the country, making visits to several of his top choices.

"I've already been on unofficial visits to OU, Oklahoma State, UCLA, Stanford, Arizona, and I just got back from Miami," he said.

The 6-6, 300-pound defensive tackle talked a lot about his trip to Miami.

"I was there on Thursday and Friday," he said. "I had a real early flight on Thursday so we could spend a lot of time there. Then on Friday I was up at 6 am so I could catch the team working out at 7. I saw the whole school. I toured the facilities, talked to the academic people, talked to the people in the engineering department. I spoke a lot to the position coach and also the head coach. I met the strength coach, a bunch of players, everyone. I really had a great time. It was real impressive."

Oghobaase said he enjoyed watching the players working out, even though he wasn't sure how he'd fit in right away. That changed immediately.

"When I was in there watching them work out, I really didn't know any of the players," he said. "Guys were walking up to me introducing themselves and making me feel like I was part of the group. That made me feel like I fit in. Coach Swasey was great. Everyone loves that guy and it's easy to see why."

The rising senior had a chance to meet with several players, mostly defensive linemen.

"I met Orien Harris, Teraz McCray, and Baraka Atkins," he said. "Those are three I remember. They were all real cool, down to earth."

He also had a chance to meet with nearly every UM coach and said he felt very comfortable around all of them.

"Talking to the coaches is like talking to the players at Miami," he said. "It's like they're one of us. It's real easy to approach them with anything that's on our minds. I really liked talking to Coach Coker. He was just telling me about the program they have. We talked a lot, not always just about football."

The talented lineman talked more about the players he saw working out.

"It's easy to see why they're so successful," he said. "The players work out so hard. They're very competitive and they all take the game very seriously -- even in the middle of July in the heat. As soon as they finish their business on the field, they're the greatest guys off the field -- joking around, laughing, and having fun. They mix it together really well."

The talented defender summed up his visit in a few short words.

"Miami was amazing," he said. "It was very impressive."

Oghobaase, who saw fellow recruits Martellus Bennett and Brian Roche during his visit, said the visits are helping him better understand who his finalists will be when the season starts.

"I'm using these visits to get a first-hand look right now," he said. "By the end of summer, I'll be able to narrow everything down and figure out where my official visits will go."

Miami will likely be one of those visits.

"I'm real high on Miami," he said. "It was one hell of a visit. The players were cool, the coaches were great. It's really a great place and I'll be going back."

Oghobaase, who made the visit with his father, also participates in basketball and track (154 on the discus). He says the Canes are very interested.

"They have given me a scholarship offer and everything," he said. "I just have to sit down and figure what my options are going to be."

One thing Oghobaase won't factor into his decisions are the depth charts at all these programs.

"I figure there will be good depth no matter where I go," he said. "I'll be willing to compete with anyone. I know what I got and I'll be ready to bring it."

A full academic qualifier, Oghobaase is unsure of his schedule later this summer.

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