Moore Adds Another Offer

While North Broward Prep standout wide receiver Mike Moore patienty awaits an offer from UM, he's getting plenty of other attention. "I went up to Georgia's camp for a few days," Moore said.

"I actually started out on defense. They wanted to see what I could do. Then I switched over for one-on-ones and after running three routes, the coach pulled me aside."

Moore was happy to hear what was next out of the coach's mouth.

"Coach Richt offered me a scholarship," he said. "The next day I then switched over to defensive back and ran with those guys for awhile. I had a good time."

Upon being offered by the Bulldogs, Moore quickly realized how impressed he was with the program.

"They're ranked real high in all the preseason polls so I know they can compete for a title," he said. "The area was nice. It's different than down here -- it's more like a college town. The facilities were great and the coaches were real nice."

Moore did notice one major difference about Georgia compared to his home state.

"I know the DB's aren't even close to being as good as they are down here in south Florida," he laughed.

The 6-2, 190-pound receiver said he's still waiting on an offer from UM.

"I still get a lot of handwritten mail from Coach CJ," he said. "I know they haven't offered many receivers and he's told me that an offer could come at any time -- maybe even late in the season. I still like them and everything but I'm not sweating it as much anymore. If it happens, great. If not, I have a lot of other good choices to look at."

Moore is trying to get up to Tallahassee for the second session of FSU's camp, which begins tomorrow.

Moore made the trip with some fellow Florida prospects, including linebackers Jamar Chaney and Demetri Stewart. He had a chance to spend time with both and watch them perform.

"They're different types of linebackers," he said. "Jamar is a little thicker. Demetri is real long and skinny. Jamar was like 6-1 and Demetri was like 6-3. Jamar ran really well, like 4.6 something. Demetri didn't do the running. They both looked pretty good and we all left with offers from Georgia. I think Jamar had one going into the camp."

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