WR Updates His Status

OJ Murdock has been busy lately. After driving to Tallahassee to spend a couple days at Florida State's football camp, he then spent a couple days in Gainesville for Florida's version.

"They both were pretty tight," Murdock said. "There were some good players at both camps, even though I was hoping to see a little more competition. The real good quarterback from Louisiana (Ryan Perrilloux) was at both of them."

One disappointment for Murdock during his time in Tallahassee was the fact that Fred Rouse didn't show up.

"I really wanted a chance to compete with him," he said. "I was hoping he'd be there. A lot of people talk like he's one of the best so I wanted to see how I stacked up."

Murdock said the best player at either camp, in his opinion, was Demetrius Morley.

"He had it all," he said. "He had lots of speed. Watching him cover guys, it's like he doesn't even have to go full speed. He can always make the play at the last minute and most guys aren't as fast as him. He can play safety or corner and even plays some receiver. I had raced him and just barely beat him. I think he ran a 4.4-flat. He's a great player. It just comes naturally for him."

Murdock, who clocked a camp-best 4.34 at Florida, is preparing for Junior Olympics in Iowa, which are coming up soon.

"I leave the first week in August for those," he said. "I'm gonna run the one (hundred), the two (hundred), and the four by one. We had the qualifiers in Orlando about three weeks ago. I ran a 10.8 and a 21.8. I can't wait because I've been training pretty hard."

The talented receiver, who is fully qualifed academically, said he remains high on the in-state programs.

"I really like Florida and Florida State," he said. "They're both nice places, top programs. I felt really comfortable there. It's still early though. I dont know what's up with Miami right now. I used to get stuff from their whole coaching staff. Now I get some mail every now and then from their receivers coach. Maybe it's because of the summer or whatever but it doesn't seem like they're as interested as before. I'm not sure but I know I still wanna go down there and check it out."

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