OL Hoping To Visit UM

Pat Sheil has certainly been enjoying his summer. "It's been great," Sheil said. "I've really been having a good time -- relaxing with friends, going to some camps, and playing some basketball. We actually have a game tonight as we get into the finals."

Sheil, 6-6 and 280 pounds, is widely considered one of the top offensive line prospects in the entire nation. After spending two seasons as a defensive lineman, Sheil has used some camps to get back into the swing of things on the offensive side of the ball.

"Everyone is saying tackle so I've been working out on offense," he said. "We went to a team camp at Boston College and I went to Virginia Tech's camp just recently. That was a lot of fun. A lot of kids from my high school play there now so it was pretty easy getting to talk to those guys and everything."

The talented big man, who has already qualified academically, said he also enjoys playing basketball.

"The funny thing is, I'm the only other guy above 180 on the team it seems," he laughed. "It keeps me in shape too."

Speaking of staying in shape, Sheil works out with a personal trainer three days a week.

"We do a LOT of running and he works a lot of the muscles that my football lifting don't get," he said. "It's been a really big help."

Those are just some of the reasons why Sheil is being actively recruited by a number of the top prorams across the country.

"I'm still pretty wide open right now," he said. "I've narrowed my list down a little bit since we last talked. Some of the schools just weren't up to par to some other ones. I've been checking out a lot of different schools trying to be in position to narrow it down even more."

After he planned to make an early decision, Sheil said he'll likely have to wait even longer.

"It's hard financially to get everywhere I want to go," he said. "I went to Georgia recently and that was a lot. I've never even been into Florida and I'm very interested in both Florida and Miami. I may use my official visits on places I can't afford to visit on my own -- like Miami, Florida, Oklahoma, and Nebraska."

In addition to the three programs mentioned earlier, Sheil has also been to the campuses of Virginia and Maryland. He's excited about seeing UM later in the year.

"They had offered me in the spring time and I'm still very interested," he said. "The success they've had, the quality of their program -- that's pretty appealing to a football player. Coach Cristobal, Coach Kehoe, and Coach Laffere are all sending letters on a regular basis and stuff since they can't really call again until (September 1). I'd like to be able to visit there unofficially by the end of the summer but like I said, if I can't then I can take one of my official visits there during the season."

Sheil isn't ready to name any favorites at this point until he sees everyone.

"I don't want to eliminate anyone until either they stop recruiting me or until I've seen them up close and realize that I'm no longer interested in them," he said. "Distance will not factor into my decision. I just have to go wherever I feel most comfortable."

The talented lineman projects as a left tackle at the college level. He's ready for the competition he'll likely face at the next level.

"Playing early is something everyone would like to do," he said. "Everyone has to work hard, no matter who else is there. Especially at the caliber of schools I'm considering, there will always be competition and you better be ready for it. That doesn't bother me at all."

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