LB Plans To Visit UM

Rico McCoy has been working hard to make sure he's ready for the upcoming season. "I'm in the weightroom every day," McCoy said. "We're also doing conditioning stuff and also doing a lot of 7-on-7 stuff. That's mainly for the younger guys to get on the same page."

In fact, McCoy's team had a 7-on-7 competition last night and he wished they could have been wearing pads.

"I had a chance to really light some running backs and tight ends up," he laughed. "I was ready to hit some people out there. I'm ready."

McCoy, 6-2 and 208 pounds, isn't the biggest linebacker out there so he knows he must use whatever he can to his advantage.

"I think I'm a pure linebacker," he said. "I hear a lot about other linebacker prospects who don't even play linebacker in high school. I think that's an advantage I have. I'm straight linebacker. Some people say I'm too small to play mike so I'll probably play weakside in college. Whatever I can do to get on the field."

The talented linebacker prospect said he has the type of speed college coaches look for.

"I can run now," he laughed. "I'll chase anything down. I was practicing with the track team during the spring and I was running 10.9's. That wasn't electronically or anything but I know it was pretty good."

McCoy attended a camp back in May in his area and saw several college coaches there. One of them was from Miami.

"Coach Hargreaves, he talked to me in May and gave me an offer," he said. "I talk to him about once every two weeks. We just talk about what's going on and stuff like that. He's trying to get three or four linebackers and I think he wants to offer about eight of them. I really like Miami a lot."

McCoy, who had 128 tackles as a junior, said he's still wide open with the recruiting process but did talk a little more about a few other programs.

"I like Syracuse too with my brother up there but I'm not sure about them yet," he said. "Maryland is close and I talk to their coach a lot. Ohio State has a great situation. That's probably the best opportunity to play because of how many juniors and seniors they have at linebacker."

McCoy talked more about UM in that regard.

"Miami's stacked at linebacker right now," he said. "The thing is, though, starting two years at a place like Miami would probably be better than starting three or four years anywhere else. The NFL will see you there. It's just a matter of whether or not you want to wait for that, you know. But I think I'm a lot like a Miami linebacker. I have a lot of speed. I work hard. I'm not the biggest guy but I know how to find the ball. I'm definitely gonna take one of my official visits to Miami. Ohio State too. I'm not real sure on the rest."

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