LB Has UM At No. 1

Demetri Stewart has become the talk around Broward County this offseason on the recruiting front. The talented linebacker said he's ready to back it up.

"I've been working really hard this summer, lifting and running and doing things like that," Stewart said. "I wanna be ready to live up to the high expectations that are on me. I'm ready."

Stewart, 6-2 1/2 and 210 pounds, has the type of build that college coaches look for -- long arms, narrow waste, big calves, thin ankles. He has a body that will allow him to grow into it. He knows it, too.

"Look at Jonathan Vilma," he said. "He was under 200 pounds when he got to Miami and now he's like 235. When you have a strength and conditioning program like Miami's, it's not that hard to put on a lot of extra weight and muscle."

Stewart, who has played mostly either defensive end or safety at the prep level, will be playing primarily linebacker as a senior.

"I can use my speed to my advantage," he said. "I can close and I'm able to make plays. I had 10 tackles and a couple knockdowns in our spring jamboree in front of a bunch of college coaches. I showed them I could make plays."

The talented linebacker prospect said he's also spent some time at different camps learning more about the linebacker position.

"I went to Miami's camp but didn't work out," he said. "They said they already knew what I could do. I went to Georgia and wasn't going to work out but I couldn't just sit there and watch so I had to show them what was up. I was killin' it up there. We're leaving for Auburn's camp tomorrow so I'll have to show them a thing or two."

The talented linebacker prospect, who also runs sprints during track season, has been getting lots of recruiting action.

"Right now, my top five would be UM, Notre Dame, USC, Oklahoma, and Ohio State," he said. "They've offered. Miami's out in front. They're on top. They're trying to get two or three linebackers this year. I've been there a lot. I'm familiar and comfortable there and being around the coaches."

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