OL Has UM Offer

Reginald Youngblood is one of those kids who just loves the game. He knows to take none of it for granted. "I've been playing since eighth grade and I'm loving it," Youngblood said.

"I go hard every single play because you never know when it'll be gone. If you're not playing because you love the game, what are you playing for? I just have fun and it makes it so much better for me out there."

The Houston (Texas) Washington standout left tackle has emerged as one of the top offensive line prospects in the state.

"I'm 6-5 1/2 and 280 so I have the size but I also have the athletic ability to play with," he said. "And I know I have long arms. Those are probably some of the reasons the colleges like me."

Speaking of colleges, Youngblood will have his pick when it comes to make a final decision later in the year.

"I like LSU, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Miami, and Florida State," he said. "They have all sent me (an offer). There's a lot to like about all of them. I've been to some of them before. I just have to start narrowing it down during the season when I start taking my visits."

The talented lineman said one of his visits will be to Miami.

"That'll be one," he said. "I've never been there. The thing about Miami is they're competitive every year. They have so many great players that I know after spending a few years there I'll be ready to play in the NFL. Since I like to win so much, that would be a good fit."

However, Youngblood knows that all of the schools he's considering are proven winners and can send guys into the league. One thing he will do is strongly consider leaving the state.

"A lot of the top guys in Texas stay," he said. "I might too but I know I'll be going to the best situation for me. Wherever that may be, in-state or out, it doesn't matter."

Youngblood, a full academic qualifier, said he's familiar with a few other UM prospects in the area.

"Martellus is a good player," he said. "Vince Oghobaase is pretty good too. I haven't played against him but I've seen him. He's real big and his arms are probably even longer than mine."

The rising senior knows he'll face stiff competition anywhere he goes.

"That's what I want," he said. "There will be guys competing everywhere. I wanna go up against the best because that will make me a better player and better prepare me for playing at the next level. Depth charts won't matter at all to me."

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