Charlie Jones Q&A

Charlie Jones reported to fall camp today for the Hurricanes with other true freshmen. Jones will be looked upon to contribute early and we caught up with him on his first day for his thoughts on making his debut in college.

Hometown (High School): Homestead, FL (South Dade)
Position: Running Back
Jersey #: 34
Reported Height/Weight: 5-10 ½", 208 pounds
Roommate: Andrew Johnson

Q: What are your thoughts right now about being here at the University of Miami?
A: Just thinking about how I'm actually here—it is everything I have been working for. I understand that I do have a chance to play and I expect to have my number called.

Q: How would you describe your running style?
A: I am a balanced runner and I prefer to run in between the tackles as opposed to the outside because I believe that is where the yards are.

Q: How would you describe your personality?
A: I'm not a big talkative guy that likes to talk about himself like some of the guys we have here (laughing).

Q: You dealt with injuries during your senior season, how do you feel now?
A: I sprained my ankle last year in the first game and I had to wear a cast. It started to hurt throughout the rest of the season. Right now it feels find and I am ready for fall practices.

Q: With Bobby Washington being granted a release from his letter of intent, do you feel your chance for playing time have changed?
A: I feel my chances are the same with or without him here.

Q: Washington has said some things about you in the press, how was it working out with him this summer?
A: We were both here in the summer and we didn't really run into each other or say anything so we didn't bump heads.

Q: Have the coaches talked to you about playing time this year?
A: The coaches brought us three running backs in and talked to us about the opportunity to play as freshmen. It depends upon who is able to learn the offense and performs well in fall practices.

Q: Will it be hard for the out-of-state kids to adjust to the heat of South Florida?
A: Yes I think so, but I think they will be fine once they get used to it.

Q: Do you have a favorite NFL running back?
A: Yes, Ricky Williams.

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