Meet Tyrone Byrd

Tyrone Byrd reported today as one of 19 true freshmen to become official Hurricanes. We caught up with him to get his thoughts on joining the University of Miami. He talks about why he chose Miami and how he looks forward to returning to Houston when the 'Canes travel to play the Cougars this season.

Freshman Profile: Tyrone Byrd
Hometown (High School): Sugar Land, TX (Hightower)
Position: Offensive Lineman
Jersey #: 67
Reported Height/Weight: 6'6" 285 pounds
Roommate: Chris Rutledge

Q: What are your thoughts right now about being here at the University of Miami?
A: I am just trying to sit back and relax and take it all in at one time. I am not overwhelmed just yet. I came in this weekend with my mom and I enjoyed the company of family over the summer. I was at home just thinking about it. I knew it would be different coming down here, but not all of this. I am excited to be a Hurricane.

Q: Why did you choose to attend Miami?
A: In my head to be the best you have to go up against the best. Nowhere in America can I find better players than at Miami to go up against every day.

Q: What were your final two schools you considered attending college?
A: It was Miami and Oklahoma State. Oklahoma State was talking about playing me a little bit earlier. As far as environment I could see myself living here in Miami for five years, but I couldn't see myself living in Stillwater.

Q: For those who have not been to Sugar Land, Texas—what is it like and how different is it to Miami?
A: It is a suburb of Houston. It is a more laid-back quiet city. This is Miami—party town—just a little bit of a difference. I went to Cancun this summer for my senior trip so I am used to it. There isn't too much that is surprising after being in Cancun for a week.

Q: The first road game of the season at the University of Houston is near your hometown, are you excited?
A: I have been down there and talked to some guys, not football players—just students, from my high school going to U of H. I told them I am going to see you guys after the game crying. I do know that U of H doesn't want to take a loss to Miami or anybody—we are going to have to fight.

Q: Do you expect a tough adjustment from being away from home?
A: I can do it. It will be a rough first couple of weeks, but then I will be all right. I will notice when I sit back and think ‘I can't go home to see my friends and family.' It will hurt, but once I get into the swing of things I will be all right.

Q: Your mother is here checking you in, can you talk about the relationship you have with her?
A: My mom is my best friend and mentor. Everything she can be, she is. Beyond that, I love her. I feel bad for her because we flew down together and now she has to go back to the hotel by herself, fly back by herself, and be in the house at home by herself. I was her best friend also. She would always come to me for advice also. I don't want to worry her or anything and I will call her when I can. I personally don't want her to know everything I am getting into here.

Q: Most offensive linemen in their first year redshirt, will that be tough for you if you do indeed redshirt?
A: I am hurt because I have been playing in all-star games and in my mind I am one of the best around. As far as sitting out because of redshirting wouldn't be as bad as I think it would be because my sophomore season I was playing behind someone and was able to sit back and think about the game and learn.

Q: What position do you feel most comfortable starting out at?
A: I am a tackle, but because of my abilities and my speed I can play guard. I played guard in the Texas All-Star game and my coaches said I did a real good job. One thing that will help with the transition here is we ran a similar offense in high school. I learned some of the same techniques there.

Q: What is your major?
A: Right now I am undecided. I got a bunch of different visions and because of my personality I can go with the flow and not pick a major just yet. Right now I might look into pharmacy or psychology because everyone comes to me with their problems. My life is pretty much like the song by Erykah Badu, "Tyrone"--everyone better call Tyrone.

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