Lovon Ponder Q&A

Freshman Lovon Ponder will open his career at Miami at strong safety. Following his official reporting yesterday we caught up with him for the latest on him and his roommate - Willie Williams - among other topics.

Freshman Profile: Lovon Ponder
Hometown (High School): Miami, FL (Pace)
Position: Safety
Jersey #: 35
Reported Height/Weight: 6'1" 205 pounds
Roommate: Willie Williams

Q: What are your thoughts right now about being here at the University of Miami?
A: Oh it's great. We have everything here. In high school you would try and make sure everyone had a helmet and sometimes chin straps would be missing. Here we have everything you need and you get a lot of extra stuff—like under garments to cool you off. In high school you would have to get cold water to run down your back to cool you down.

Q: What have you been doing in the summer?
A: The whole summer I have been down here working out with the team. It was great because I was able to work with some of the best receivers in the nation. I learned a lot from being down here.

Q: How has the adjustment been from high school to college during the seven-on-seven workouts?
A: The speed is a lot faster. In high school I was able to look right at the quarterback and he would throw it right to me. Here you might look at the quarterback, but the next thing you know he throws a deep pass to Roscoe Parrish.

Q: What safety position will you start out at?
A: They have me at strong and I feel comfortable there because I bulked up a bit since high school. I only weighed around 195 pounds and now I am up around 205.

Q: How has the freshmen class been getting along?
A: Everyone gets along real well. Hopefully we will be able to play together for four years. Some will be here for just three before going to the NFL—which is a good thing.

Q: How well do you get along with your roommate and former teammate Willie Williams?
A: We get along real well. We talk on the phone all the time and when he got off I called him and told him what workouts we would be doing during the summer so he could be ready. He was able to workout at home and actually one day he went and worked out over at Pace. We would call each other and ask ‘are you ready?' and reply ‘yeah I am ready, are you ready?'. Then the other one would say, ‘no you aren't ready'—just stuff like that.

Q: Where did you take your visits and what school did it come down to?
A: I took three visits to Miami, Georgia, and North Carolina State. It came down to North Carolina State and Miami. I just decided to stay close to home with my mom so she can bring me down a bag of chips or run down to the Laundromat or something. And to be able to sleep in my bed.

Q: There are a lot of South Florida kids going to North Carolina State, what makes them special?
A: At North Carolina State they make you feel at home. Coach Holiday could sell water to a well. He can be a father figure and a coach at the same time.

Q: First game is against Florida State, what are your thoughts?
A: I have a personal thing about them because they stopped recruiting me after the spring last year in April. I guess they picked up their safety and didn't want another one. I'm not really sure why they stopped recruiting me. They just stopped called me.

Christopher Stock is a Staff Writer for CanesTime and can be contacted by emailing him at stock@canestime.com.

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