Practice Report: August 21st

The team held an afternoon practice that lasted two hours in full pads. The practice was closed to the public and the media was only able to view the first 30 minutes and last 15 minutes. These policies will be in affect throughout the rest of the 2004 season.


The team held an afternoon practice that lasted two hours in full pads.

"It was a warm practice today," Miami head coach Larry Coker said. "It was a good day for us. We got a lot of work done on the two-minute offense, which we needed. I still think the offense is getting better. As a team, we are really running well and chasing the ball well on defense. I like what I see with the linebackers. I think the one thing that I was encouraged about out of the scrimmage the other day was I thought we tackled well. For a first scrimmage, a live scrimmage, usually you are going to miss a lot of tackles, and we didn't miss many tackles. We tackled well."


Temperature: 90°F
Humidity: 55%
Heat Index: 96°F
Wind: 12 mph
Cloud Cover: Partly Cloudy


"On offense, I think Berlin had a heck of a day," Coker said. "The two-minute offense really did a nice job," Coker said. "I think the receivers, Darnell Jenkins especially and Ryan Moore who made some catches, are really starting to step up and the tight ends continue to play well."

Derrick Crudup practiced today after leaving practice early yesterday with a sore shoulder and felt a lot better.

Running Back Frank Gore is currently the first-team running back, but Tyrone Moss is expected to get a number of carries this season.

"It depends how the rest of the fall goes and how the game situations go," Coker responded to the question about the running back situation. "They are both first-teamers. I see those guys being co-MVPs. They are almost mirror images of each other. If you have to pick one for first team—Frank is first team. But, Moss is a guy that will play a lot."

Gore has been in the program two years longer than Moss.

"To be honest it doesn't to us, but Frank deserves that respect because of where he is on the pecking order," Coker said. "He may start out as a first-teamer, but Moss might get more carries."

Darnell Jenkins made quite a few catches today compared to the last few days when he has been fairly quiet.

"I felt real comfortable today," Jenkins said. "We had to adjust to the heat, but we came out and practiced hard today because we have tomorrow off."

Berlin had a good day and Jenkins commented on one reason why he had a better day.

"Brock had a real good day today because he was more comfortable," Jenkins said. "We were in meetings and he would come over to us and ask us what we like to do—what routes we like to run. He knows I like to go deep, but today we worked on the two-minute drill and we had to shorten the routes to move the ball downfield."

Derrick Morse has been feeling more comfortable each day as the left guard on the first unit.

"I am starting to feel comfortable," Morse said. "I was a little nervous at first, naturally, but now I am starting to get more confidence in myself."

Morse entered fall camp at 6-foot-5 and 314 pounds and lost nearly 21 pounds since the start of summer workouts.

"I prepared myself the best I could over the summer for this season," Morse said. "I got stronger and it is definitely helping me now. I couldn't imagine if I weighed that much now."

The top offensive line unit was as follows: LT: Winston LG: Morse C: Rodriguez RG: Myers RT: Tella.

"I think we did a good job today considering coach Kehoe wasn't here," Morse said. "Everyone worked hard and was focused. We did some good things today."

Coker is also impressed with the offensive line.

"I think we are going to be good at the offensive line, but we would like to get settled," Coker said. "We have some solid guys there. We think Joel Rodriguez, Chris Myers, and Eric Winston are solid. I have been very pleased with Tony Tella at right tackle filling in for Rashad Butler—I have been very encouraged with that."


"Today, Orien Harris and Bryan Pata stood out at on the defensive front," Coker said.

"Defensively, Jon Beason and Leon Williams both stood out at the middle linebacker position."

Coker has praised Beason for his play over the last several days and took time to talk about his strengths.

"He's one of these flashy guys," said Coker, who was impressed with the tackling on defense and Beason particularly. "He's very explosive. He's got great speed. He's very physical, 228 pounds. He runs, he's smart, he's a really tough kid. He makes a lot of plays and continues to impress and continues to get better."

Antrel Rolle is still a cornerback.

"I think he will be a corner, but if we have some guys get hurt he can play safety," Coker said. "The NFL people like him at both the corner and safety and for us he is outstanding as a safety in nickel packages. He made a couple sacks today coming off the edge."

Kelly Jennings continued to work out as the opposite starting corner as Rolle and is starting to shake off the rust. Coker has mentioned he will be tough to beat out, but Marcus Maxey has had a superb fall and Glenn Sharpe is starting to feel more comfortable on the field each day.


Devin Hester and Darnell Jenkins are still being used as the team's kickoff return men. Akieem Jolla, Derron Thomas, and Andrew Johnson have all received looks in the past week including today.

Roscoe Parrish, Antrel Rolle, and Devin Hester are the top three punt returners.

Jon Peattie is kicking the ball well including nailing a 55-yard field goal off the crossbar two days ago.

Brian Monroe is more confident this season and has been punting the ball well. His drop has always been his biggest concern and he appears to be more consistent this year.

Walk-on Francesco Zampogna is the man to beat out for the kickoff duties.


TE Kevin Everett was held out again today with reportedly a hip flexor under precautionary measures. Coker is hopeful he will practice on Monday.
Status: Day-to-day

OL Rashad Butler originally was said to have a sprained ankle, but x-rays revealed he had sustained a small fracture on August 12th and is currently in a full cast with crutches. There is a chance he will not be ready for the opener on September 6th.
Status: Out 1-2 weeks

OL Brandon Sebald sprained his ankle on Thursday, August 19th and suited up today, but did not participate in full contact drills.
Status: Day-to-day

CB Terrell Walden is not participating in fall practices due to a torn ACL he suffered during the spring. It is unlikely he will play this season.
Status: Out 2-5 months


Monday, August 23rd, 8:30 a.m.& 3:30 p.m. – The final two-a-day practice is closed to the public.

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