BCS Fails Once Again

At the risk of having my physical appearance altered the next time yours truly steps into Coral Gables (although some might agree I need a face lift) there is nothing that would ring in the New Year any sweeter for myself than Nebraska taking care of Miami in Pasadena and putting another hole in something called the BCS standings.

Go Big Red.

All a Cornhusker victory in the Rose Bowl would do is give them a piece of the national championship, with the other half going to the Oregon-Colorado survivor in the Fiesta Bowl, expose the system as a fraud and the absolute joke that it is- for the second year in a row.

Just the thought of Nebraska players running around the Rose Bowl celebrating any share of the title should be enough to send BCS Coordinator John Swofford and his dwarfs reaching for the whisky bottle. That might be the only way they could sleep at night considering the mess they have created. A mess that would add insult to injury if the Huskers prevail.

Go Big Red.

A Nebraska win would end the college football season with the hoisting of a trophy by a team that wasn't good enough to claim the division in their respective conference, that wasn't good enough to win their conference outright, that got blistered by 26 points in their regular season finale and that finished behind three other teams in the final in-season major polls.

But still good enough to play for the biggest prize in the sport.? Pleaseeeee!

Nothing against Nebraska, but the boys from Lincoln did not exactly earn the right to oppose the Hurricanes on Jan. 3. They were handed the opportunity by a system that continues to prove only one thing- it needs to be changed.

Just like the Hurricanes around this time last year, the folks in Boulder and Eugene most feel like going on a computer hacking binge to make sure the ‘ Bowl Championship Series' is erased forever.

Hard to fault the Cornhuskers for doing cartwheels and thanking the holy computers for assigning them to the Rose Bowl even after having their clocks cleaned by Colorado because it's the BCS system that should be called out and charged with highway robbery.

If it wasn't for a computer my job would be quite a difficult task, but what in the hell is going on here.

To sit here and play computer games isn't of real importance, the only thing obviously clear is that the Cornhuskers should not be the team getting on a plane and heading for Pasadena. These standings were thought up in 1998 to determine a No. 1 vs. No. 2 national title game.

Only problem is the computers used to factor all the formulas (rankings, strength-of-schedules, won-loss records and victory bonus points) apparently have trouble reading final scores, so here it is for any of them who didn't pick it up. Colorado 62, Nebraska 26.

Guess the high amount of points and yards surrendered by the Cornhuskers defense in Boulder was just too much for those chips, keyboards, and monitors to absorb all at one time.

Those Mickey Mouse computers had other ideas, but Nebraska was one of the teams on a long list that had their chance at earning their way to Pasadena, along with Tennessee, Florida, Oklahoma and Texas, and blew it.

With everything on the line the Cornhuskers could not accomplish the required to play in the ‘national championship game'. Supposedly a team's success is judged by what it does on the field. Therefore, why play the games at all if in the end results are going to be rendered meaningless.

No doubt either Nebraska-Oregon or Nebraska-Colorado rematch on a neutral field would probably have the Cornhuskers as healthy favorites. But unlike the BCS,the games aren't played on paper. Nebraska should know that first hand, with no arguments.

It's the teams in Oregon and Colorado that have all the right to feel left out.

First up the Ducks, who were passed over by both Colorado and Nebraska in the BCS despite finishing the season No. 2 in both major polls.

Oregon won the PAC-10 Conference, which included beating UCLA, Washington, Washington State and Oregon State, after losing in October to on the road at Stanford. A loss to the then-No. 9 Cardinal is no slight, but most importantly the Ducks finished the season in a way those associated with the BCS would know nothing about-winners. They won out in the final month of the season, something teams in Gainesville, Austin, Norman and Knoxville could not get done.

It may have fallen in their laps by default, but the Ducks should have the right to be playing in the Rose Bowl.

If not the Ducks, the Buffaloes certainly have a gripe in this mess. Colorado manhandled Nebraska with ease (and no trickery) and then tripped up Texas in the Big 12 championship game to win the conference, Be it with the help or not of Florida, Tennessee and Oklahoma falling on their faces, the Buffs should have also gotten the nod to play UM, if not Oregon. Why the Cornhuskers would have a lower point average than Colorado is crazy and not right.

We're far from it, although the only way to come up with a true ‘national champion' is to have a playoff system in order and nothing else.

Colorado and Oregon without question are two of the best teams in the nation right now and deserve to be rewarded for it. They've earned it. They will have nothing to show for it, all because the BCS continues to be a farce and has failed miserably the last two seasons. Hurricanes fans should remember last season when a Florida State team they had beaten was jumped ahead of Miami and went on to play Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl. The only thing that saved the BCS from even more pie on their faces was that the Sooners won the game.

Imagine this: a Seminoles victory would have likely meant a split national title, with the Hurricanes. Not exactly an undisputed champion and certainly not reason this system was brought to fruition. Even a Miami victory over Nebraska would do nothing to calm those in Boulder and Eugene because their teams never got the shot to face the Hurricanes and a crack at the title One other thing to keep in mind and something that would do nothing in the immediate future to fix the BCS, but that could open the eyes of the geniuses that thought this system up. It's going to be second-guessers delight if the Hurricanes should lose to Nebraska and Colorado takes out Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl.

Can it really happen? A Colorado-Nebraska split national championship. I'm all for it.

Maybe, it will put an end to the madness that is the BCS.

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