Practice Report - August 27th

The Miami football team practiced in shells for almost two hours on Friday afternoon at the Greentree Practices Fields, not including a 30-minute interruption due to lighting about 45 minutes into practice.

"This was really a good day for us today, a corrections day," head coach Larry Coker said. "We had a little delay with the lightning, but we were able to get back out on the practice fields, and we had a good day."

The Hurricanes spent most of the Friday practice focusing on corrections after a 60-play scrimmage at the Orange Bowl Thursday night.

"We worked on a lot of different things last night," Coker said. "We worked a lot of kicking situations and special situations, and we learned a lot. There are a lot of things we need to get corrected to have an opportunity to beat Florida State."

The Hurricanes are scheduled for a 3:30 practice Saturday at the Greentree Practice Fields. All Hurricanes' practices are closed to the public for the remainder of the year.

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