Practice Notes - 9/7

The Miami Hurricanes avoided any bad weather that loomed Tuesday afternoon to get in a two-hour practice in shoulder pads and helmets at the Greentree Practice Facility.

"It was good that we got it (practice) in today," head coach Larry Coker said. "We got outside and it (the weather) looked kind of ugly to begin with, with the dark clouds and everything. Today was really a longer practice than we would have on what would normally be a regular Wednesday practice."

The Hurricanes spent Tuesday's practice making sure they have covered all the details leading into Friday's night's nationally televised showdown with the Florida State Seminoles.

"You get close to your first game and everybody gets a little nervous," Coker said. "You begin to question yourself on whether you have covered everything. Our guys need to play football. Are we ready to play the perfect game? I don't think so. But we definitely need to play and find out where we are. If we play hard, and do the things we are coached to do, I feel good about our team."

The Hurricanes will return to the practice field on Wednesday for a 3:30 p.m. workout.

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