Warming Up To UM

While a heart condition would be enough for most people to take their minds off football for awhile, that's not the case for Miami Norland standout Richard Gordon. "I didn't play in our game against Carol City because I've been dealing with high blood pressure," Gordon said.

"It's something that never really came up in my physicals until recently. It runs in the family."

Gordon plans on getting the OK to play sometime later this week.

"I'm going to see the doctor sometime this week and I'll get cleared," he said. "I wanted to play last week so bad. Carol City, the state champs. It don't get much better than that. But the doctor said I had to sit that one out. I'll be ready to go this Saturday for our second game against Booker T."

The talented defensive end said he worked very hard the entire offseason to ensure a strong senior season.

"This is my last chance," he said. "We all worked real hard. We wanna get a state title. We were up 13-10 going into the 4th quarter against Carol City. We had them in a 4th down and six situation and they were lining up to kick a field goal. We jumped offsides and gave them another chance. They went for it, converted, and then scored the game winning touchdown. Losing can't be accepted but we played them tough. I can't wait to get back on the field."

Gordon, 6-4 and now 250 pounds, said he's been practicing the entire month.

"I still go to every workout and every practice," he said. "I was even working out at fullback some. You dont understand how much I wanna be out there right now."

The talented defensive end/tight end used last Friday night to check out the UM/FSU game at the Orange Bowl.

"I got there late because we got out of practice kinda late," he said. "It was a real classic. That's gotta be one of the best games in awhile. I loved it. Miami's defense just wanted it more than anything else. Those young guys came to play. They were fired up. You kinda knew in the back of your mind that UM would find a way to pull it off the way their defense was playing. And Miami has some crazy fans, don't you think?"

Earlier in the year Gordon said he wasn't real interested in the Hurricanes because of their depth chart at defensive end. However after watching the game on Friday, Gordon feels differently about the situation now.

"I was looking at it the wrong way," he said. "I saw a bunch of defensive ends on the field the other night and one more (Bryan Pata) that would have played. They get all their guys into the game and they're all good. There's no rest. They just keep coming. The competition, that ain't nothing. There's a reason why those guys are so good. They can't rest. You can't afford to take a day off down there because you might lose your job. That's the way UM's been lately, the last couple years. That's the type of environment I'd wanna be in."

UM has made it known to Gordon that he's a key prospect.

"Coach Shannon has been calling," he said. "He's always keeping in touch, letting me know what's going on and everything. I could see myself playing for him. UM's right near the top right now."

Gordon said he's scheduled one official visit so far and plans on doing more of that in the coming weeks.

"Coach Red Anderson from Florida has been calling and I'm going up there for a visit sometime in January," he said. "He told me the date but I can't remember right now. I'm also still talking to and looking at Oklahoma, Florida State, Ohio State, South Florida, and Nebraska."

Gordon said he probably won't need to take an official visit to UM since he knows the program and area so well.

"I've been going down there since I was about 14 years old," he said. "I know about the program, the players and coaches and everything. And I know a lot about the school since my sister went there. She (Chanivia Broussard) played basketball there. She was All-Big East and now she's overseas playing somewhere. She really liked it (at UM). So pretty much I'll just take my visits to other places."

Gordon said he's not ready to name a single favorite, as he will need to take some official visits before he has anything to compare with UM.

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