UM Fans Impressed LB

Miami Northwestern was involved in a tight game for most of last Saturday's contest against Columbus. Thanks to the stellar play of some key defensive players, the Bulls pulled out the win by the score of 15-13.

One of those defensive players was linebacker Dustin Forston.

"They did a good job of rolling the quarterback the other way," Forston said. "It's okay though because we got Leron (King) over there and he made a lot of key tackles. I don't think I've ever been hit like that. They had linemen on me, tight ends, running backs, everyone."

Forston, who lines up mostly as a pass rushing defensive end, did play some at linebacker as well.

"I played off the line as a linebacker in goal line," he said. "I had two tackles and a tipped pass. Linebacker feels comfortable, it's just a different way of making plays. It's just something I'll have to get used to when I go to college."

The talented defender has bulked up to 220 pounds on his 5-11 frame. Prior to that performance on Saturday, Forston made the trip down to the Orange Bowl to check out UM/FSU on Friday.

"That was a great game there," he said. "UM just kept fighting. All their defensive players stepped up. Coach Shannon had those guys ready to go. The fans are crazy at Miami. They give the team a real good atmosphere to play in during big games and the players feed off of that. I'd love to play in big games like that."

Forston knows many recruits made their way into the locker room to join the post game celebration. However, he wasn't one of them.

"The fans were going so crazy I wanted to get out of there," he said. "As soon as Gore reached the endzone, I was on my way out. I wanted to try beating some of the traffic."

Forston was watching both teams closely since they're both high on his current list of favorites.

"I've been talking to Coach Shannon off and on and I talked to him again on Friday," he said. "Florida State called for the first time last week. They told me they're gonna be recruiting me as a linebacker this year, recruiting me hard."

Forston has also been getting weekly calls from the schools that have already offered him a scholarship -- Auburn, Pittsburgh, Kansas, Rutgers, and FIU.

"I'm looking at all of them right now," he said. "I talked to my coach about setting up some visits and he said I should wait till midway through the year to see who else is gonna end up offering. It would be nice if UM or FSU came through but I just gotta keep playing hard and things will work out."

Forston is a full academic qualifier.

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